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Fidelix Ltd

Fidelix logoFidelix Co., Ltd. provides memory solutions in the area of mobile communication and point-to-point applications primarily in South Korea. The company offers serial flash memory products; low power SDRAMs, a CMOS Dynamic RAMs to provide ultra-low active current and low standby current; and low power DDR SDRAM, a CMOS double data rate synchronous DRAM for high performance portable applications. It also provides Async PSRAsM to obtain low power consumption, deep power down mode, partial array self-refresh, reduced memory size mode, and temperature controlled self-refresh mode; Burst A/D Mux PSRAMs; and NAND/DRAM and Nor/PSRAM MCP solutions.

Fidelix’ is a fabless company, provide full range of mobile memory solution with LP SDRAM, LP DDR SDRAM, Async PSRAM, Burst A/D Mux PSRAM, and Burst PSRAM which are designed to satisfy a variety demand of all mobile applications. Fidelix also supply Known Good Die (KGD), and bare die devices that meet our highest specifications for functionality, and reliability.

  • Low Power SDRAM
  • Low Power DDR SDRAM
  • Async PSRAM
  • Burst PSRAM (A/D Mux Option)
  • Burst A/D Mux PSRAM

Application :

  • Mobile Phone & PDA
  • MP3 Player
  • Auto toll collector (GPS)
  • Navigation
  • Electronic Dictionary
  • PMP