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Isahaya Electronics CorporationWith the constant advances in the quality, reliability and size reduction of electronic equipment in today’s society, great expectations are placed on technological developments and their application. At Isahaya Electronics Corporation, with their semiconductor design technology, from design of small signal transistors to design of high quality multi-function transistors, and our application circuit technology that uses these semiconductors as key components, they are able to meet all kinds of size reduction and high level quality requirements.

◆ IGBT gate driver for high power
Built-in the isolated DC-DC converter for gate drive.
Main Application
VCES=1700V,IC=3600A class IGBT module

● Supply voltage: DC15V
● Output current : +/-24A
● Size[HxLxW] : 42 x 88 x 17 mm
● Electrical isolation voltage is 2500Vrms (for 1 minute)

◆ Isolated DC-DC converter module had 4 outputs
Four outputs which had isolated independently,
Thin profile by Single In Line structure.
Main Application
Power supply for electrical devices

● Supply voltage : DC15V
● Output current : +/- 24A
● Low noise
● No use optical coupler,high reliability
● Electrical isolation voltage is 2500Vrms (for 1 minute)

◆ IGBT gate drive unit

Built-in the isolated DC-DC converter for gate drive.

Main Application
MITSUBISHI NX series IGBT module gate drive
FUJI U series IGBT module gate drive
VCES=600V series ~400A class
VCES=1200V series ~450A class
● Two way power supply system for drivers and input signal
● Built-in short circuit protection
● Electrical isolation voltage is 2500Vrms (for 1 minute)
● CMOS compatible input interface

◆ Isolated DC-DC converter
VLA106 series
2500Vrms isolation voltage for inverter peripheral

Main Application
Drive power supply for IPM and IGBT

● Input voltage:
 VLA106-24151, -24154,-24242・・・DC21.6V~26.4V
● Output voltage:
 VLA106-24151 +15V,100mA
 VLA106-24154 +15V,300mA
 VLA106-24242 +24V,100mA(separatable to +16V,-8V)
 VLA106-15242 +24V,100mA(separatable to +16V,-8V)
● Output over current protection
● Electrical isolation between input and output・・・2500Vrms
● Small footprint(SIP design)

Category Product lists
DC-DC converters

DC-DC converter series
Isolated DC-DC converter series
IGBT drivers

IGBT driver series
IPM interface module

◆Low voltage drive MOSFET
Nch INK0103AC1、INK0103AM1、INK0103AU1、RT3KGGM
Pch INJ0103AC1、INJ0103AM1、INJ0103AU1、RT3JGGM
In the case of VGS=1.8V, ID=0.7A(Nch)/0.4A(Pch) is possible.
Four kinds of packages are prepared depending on a use.
Switching use of the portable equipment

● Drive voltage 1.8V.
● High drain current. Nch:0.7A、Pch:0.4A
● Low on resistance. Nch:0.33Ω(Typ)、Pch:0.7Ω(Typ)
● INK0103A* Details is here
● INJ0103A* Details is here
● RT3KGGM、RT3JGGM Details is here

◆Ze diode built-in MOSFET
Zener diode between Drain and Source can protect transistor from
back electromotive force when driving motor or solenoid.
In a drive circuit of the inductance load, reduction of the number of
the parts and the reduction of the mounting area are possible.

Motor drive、solenoid drive circuit
● Built-in zener diode between drain and sourse
● Avalanche current IAV=1.0A
● Small package for easy mounting
● Details is here

◆Bipolar power transistor(TO-252、TO-220FP)

Deployment of TO-252 and TO-220 package with more demand
than a visitor planned.
Low frequency amply
Motor drive、IGBT driver、etc
● TO252(NPN) Development schedule model is here
● TO252(PNP) Development schedule model is here
● TO220FP(NPN) Development schedule model is here
● TO220FP(PNP) Development schedule model is here

◆Differential amplifier Transistor
Equal INA6006AC1 and INC6006AC1 of the characteristic are carried in
SC-88 PKG, respectively.
The differential amplifier circuit of an audio instrument can consist of
this element.

Differential amplifier circuit of audio instrument

● High voltage. VCEO=150V(RT3A660M)、160V(RT3C66M)
● Good pear characteristic. hFE1/hFE2=1.0(Type)、|VBE1-VBE2|=2mV(Type)
● High hFE. Details is here

◆Multi-Function Transistor
Small-scale IC can be developed in short period
by recombining wire between the transistor or resistor etc beforehand
arranged on the chip.

Integrating a customer specific circuit of discrete parts
Utility for sudden change of specification or the measure against a bug
● Low developing cost
● Short developing period (About one month)
● Easily changing specification
● General-purpose product is also prepared.
● Custom specifications

◆Simulation Data
Publishing spice parameter for simulations by homepage is started.
Although available model is only a part now , expansion to other model
is advanced.

● 2SA2166,ISA2166AM1,ISA2166AU1,
● 2SC5482
● 2SC3444,2SC5619,2SC5620,2SC5621,2SC6046,2SC6120,ISC6046AU1,


  • Hybrid IC
  • Small Signal Transistor – Diode



Lattice Semiconductor Technology:



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