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LEDtronics – LED Lighting

Since 1983, LEDtronics has been America’s Premium Brand LED Company. They are the pioneers of designing, manufacturing and packaging LED lighting products for hundreds of industries and thousands of customers, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

LEDtronics is proud to have been manufacturing in the USA for over 35 years now. The company is a qualified Government and Defense supplier (CAGE code 8Z410), and over 600 National Stock Numbers (NSN) have been assigned to our products over the years. All of their products come with an UNCONDITIONAL U.S. factory warranty.

The company always meets and exceeds their customers’ expectations, ensuring them the highest quality products, customer service, and overall experience. As the “Problem Solvers” of the LED industry, LEDtronics continues to be the only manufacturer that truly designs lighting solutions for the customer’s specific application and needs.

LEDtronics is responsible for creating the entire foundation of the LED lighting industry, always innovating the standards by anticipating the future of light. They continue to be leaders, setting the bar for what a premium-brand LED company should be.


With more than 12,000 part numbers and over 35 years of LED lighting experience, LEDtronics products and service are of truly unrivaled performance and value. The company’s vast array of premium-quality products includes:

  • Tube Lights
  • Shoebox Fixtures
  • High / Low Bay Lights
  • Post Top Lamps
  • LED Bulbs
  • Wall Packs
  • Ceiling Light Panels
  • CFL-replacement Bulbs
  • Canopy Lights
  • Linear Lighting
  • Flood Lights
  • Down Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Strip Lighting
  • Miniature Based Indicators
  • Panel Mount Indicators
  • PC Board LEDs
  • Machine Status Indicators

Thousands more!


Markets and applications served include:

Defense & Aerospace — Aircraft instrument panels, Hummer side marker lights, Hummer gage backlights, Ship control panels, Specialty submarine lights, Helicopter landing pads,

Powerplants & Utilities —Transmission & Power Stations, Coal / Oil / Natural Gas Power Plants, Nuclear / Hydro / Thermal Power Plants, Refinery / Treatment Plants, Chemical Plants, Electric Power Companies, Oil & Gas / Water & Power, Energy Generation Plants, Utility Services, Municipal Light & Power Companies, Public Utilities, Electric Cooperatives

Commercial & Office Buildings — Parking lots / Parking structures, Staff offices / Hallways, Elevators, Rec rooms, Presentation rooms, Security lighting, Architectural lighting

Cities & Municipalities —Parks / Playgrounds, City streets / roadways, Freeways / Highways, Neighborhood streets, Walkways / Pathways, Government buildings

Transportation & Railroad —Railroad lighting, Trains / Buses / Trams, Interior / Exterior rail vehicles, Passenger vehicles / Locomotives, Tunnels, Warning / Signal lights, Running / Marker lights, Engine compartment lighting, Rail car brake / tail lights, Maintenance yards / Railyards, Subway stations / Mass transit, Door lights, Control / Instrument panels, Airplanes / Boats

Hospitality — Reception / Entrance lobby, Parking lots / Parking structures, Hotel rooms / suites, Hallways, Elevators, Casino floors, Staff offices, Marquee / Decor lighting, Hotel restaurants, Lounge areas

Education — College / University / School campus grounds, Classrooms / Lecture halls, Cafeterias, Gymnasiums / Stadiums, Staff offices / Hallways, Amphitheater, Assembly room, Sports field / track, Library

Healthcare — Patient / Examination rooms, Surgery rooms, Waiting areas, Reception / Entrance lobby, Parking lots / Parking structures, Hallways, Elevators, Clean rooms, Critical care / ER, 



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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
L200CUB500-3.8V LEDtronics L200CUB500-3.8V LED 5mm (T1 3/4 ) Ultra Blue, 8.6mm 5 0.4500
200TNYG4B LEDtronics L200TWYG4B Dual Color LED, Yellow/Green, T-1 3/4, 5mm 1,050 0.2200
SPR120-325 LEDTronics SPR120-325 LED Spacer 3mm 0 0.6000
21PCT120T-0UR-140 LEDTronics 21PCT120T-0UR-140 LEDs, PC Board, 3mm (T1) Right-Angled Bi-Level 0 2.5000
SML1209-0ER LEDtronics SML1209-0ER RED DOME LED 30mA SMD 1209 0 0.0000
41PCT170T4-R/G/G/G LEDtronics 41PCT170T4-R/G/G/G LED PC Board T1 3mm Quad-Level Right-Angle 0 0.0000
21PCT120T-0UG/0UR140 LEDTronics 21PCT120T-0UG/0UR-140 Dual LED PCB, PC Board, 3mm (T1) Right Angled Bi Level 0 2.5000
21PCT120T-0UY-140 21PCT120T-0UY-140 LEDtronics Dual LED PCB, PC Board, 3mm (T1) Right Angled Bi Level 0 1.9800
PC120T-0UR-140 LEDTronics PC120T-0UR-140 LED 2mA 660nm PCB 0 1.2000
LTP005-OCW-101 LEDtronics LTP005-0CW-101 LED Light Pipes 0 0.4400
SML1209-0ER-TR SML1209-0ER-TR LEDtronics Red LED 635nm SMD 1209 0 0.0000
L200TUB5L LEDtronics L200TUB5L LEDs, Discrete, Ultra Blue, 430nm 0 0.4500
PC110TG4-140 PC110TG4-140 LEDtronics Green LED 0 0.0000
BF304-0CW-028B BF304-0CW-028B Ledtronics LED Miniature Bulbs 0 0.0000
SML0603-UB5-TR SML0603-UB5-TR LEDtronics LEDs 430nm SMD 0603 0 0.0000
SML0603-R4-TR SML0603-R4-TR LEDtronics LEDs Red, Water Clear, 1mm SMD 0603 0 0.0000
SML0603-G5-TR SML0603-G5-TR LEDtronics LED Uni-Color Green 568nm 2-Pin Chip 0603(1608Metric) T/R 0 0.0000
SML0603-G4-TR SML0603-G4-TR LEDtronics Green LEDs, 565nm SMD 0603 0 0.0000
SML0603-AG3K-TR SML0603-AG3K-TR LEDtronics LED, Aqua Green 1mm SMD 0603 0 0.0000
SML0603-2CW-TR SML0603-2CW-TR LEDtronics Single Color LED, Cool White, 1.6X0.8mm SMD 0603 0 0.0000
BSF271-SIW-028B BSF271-SIW-028B LedTronics Miniature LED Bulbs 7mm 0 0.0000
B320-XIW-6/48V B320-XIW-6/48V LEDtronics LED Miniature Bayonet Bulb, T3 1/4 (Ba9s) Multi Voltage Smart Bulb 0 0.0000
L200TG5B L200TG5B LEDtronics LED 5mm Uni-Color Green 565nm 2mA 2-Pin 0 0.0000
L200TR5B L200TR5B LEDtronics LED 5mm Uni-Color Red 2mA 2-Pin 0 0.0000
RPLH16-02-04-02 RPLH16-02-04-02 LEDtronics Green LED assembly 48VDC 0 0.0000
BF321-0CW-028B BF321-0CW-028B LedTronics Miniature Bulb, Single Color LED, White, T-3 1/4, 9mm 0 0.0000
L200TWRG4B-3A L200TWRG4B-3A LEDtronics LED Bi-Color Green/Red 565nm/642nm 3-Pin T-1 3/4 0 0.0000
HLDR-HLD2020 HLDR-HLD2020 LEDtronics LED Rear-Mount Holder, Black 0 0.0000
LTP005-0CW-001 LEDtronics LTP005-0CW-001 LED Light Pipe 0 0.0000
LTP005-0CW-003 LEDtronics LTP005-0CW-003 LED Light Pipe 0 0.0000
SML12YG3-TR SML12YG3-TR LEDTronics LED Yellow Green 2-2.2V 10mA SOT-23 0 0.0000
21PCD130TWRG4-3C 21PCD130TWRG4-3C LEDtronics 3mm Right Angle Tricolor PCB LEDs 0 0.0000
B3127CG5-24V-BP Ledtronics B3127CG5-24V-BP LED Miniature Bulbs, Bayonet Base, Ba9s (T3 1/4) Hi-Efficiency 6 / 7 LED 0 0.0000
B3127CR6-24V-BP Ledtronics B3127CR6-24V-BP LED Miniature Bulb B3127c Series Bayonet 0 0.0000
BF3127-0AG-120A Ledtronics BF3127-0AG-120A LED Uni-Color Green 525nm 2-Pin 0 0.0000
LD120CWY3KH Ledtronics LD120CWY3KH Single Color LED, Pure Yellow, Water Clear, T-1, 3mm 0 0.0000
SF464-0UR-120A Ledtronics SF464-0UR-120A LED Uni-Color Red 625nm 0 0.0000
PF50-0PB-028V-T Ledtronics PF50-0PB-028V-T LED Panel Mount Indicator Uni-Color Blue 470nm 0 0.0000
L120-0CW-30D-LL Ledtronics L120-0CW-30D-LL Single Color LED, Clw, Water Clear, T-1, 3mm 0 0.0000
F206-0UG-120A Ledtronics F206-0UG-120A LED Bulbs, T1 3/4 Midget Flange, 6-Chips 0 0.0000
BF321-0IW-028B Ledtronics BF321-0IW-028B LED LED Bayonet Miniature Bulb, White 0 0.0000
FF200-0IW-028B Ledtronics FF200-0IW-028B LED Uni-Color White 2-Pin 0 0.0000
SMR12RG4-TR Ledtronics SMR12RG4-TR LED Bi-Color Green/Red 567nm/632nm 3-Pin SMD T/R 0 0.0000
MTG-CLIP-MC290 Ledtronics MTG-CLIP-MC290 Mounting Clip 0 0.0000
BF3127-0AG-240A Ledtronics BF3127-0AG-240A LED Miniature Bayonet Bulb 0 0.0000
L200TWGR4A Ledtronics L200TWGR4A LED High Efficiency LED 0 0.0000
SLF464-XIW-120A Ledtronics SLF464-XIW-120A LED Uni-Color White 0 0.0000
L120TR6N Ledtronics L120TR6N Single Color LED, Ultra Red, Diffused, T-1, 3mm 0 0.0000
FF200-0AG-006B Ledtronics FF200-0AG-006B LED Uni-Color Green 525nm 2-Pin 0 0.0000
5SB206CY6-0001 Ledtronics 5SB206CY6-0001 LED Panel Mount Indicator Uni-Color Yellow 585nm 15mcd 0 0.0000
FF200-0UR-014B Ledtronics FF200-0UR-014B LED Uni-Color Red 652nm 2-Pin 0 0.0000
LENS-HL230-GT Ledtronics LENS-HL230-GT LED Panel Mount Indicator Uni-Color Green 2-Pin 0 0.0000
TBL4520-9W6-XPW-012W-WP Ledtronics TBL4520-9W6-XPW-012W-WP Light Strip Uni-Color White 53000mcd 9 LED 0 0.0000
MTG-CLIP-TBL4520-001 Ledtronics MTG-CLIP-TBL4520-001 Fixed Angle Mounting Clip 0 0.0000
LENS-HL852-WC Ledtronics LENS-HL852-WC RFI EMI Shielded Top-Hat Lens Cap 0 0.0000
SML10G4H-TR Ledtronics SML10G4H-TR LED Single Color LED, High Efficiency Green, Water Clear, 2mm 0 0.0000
SML12RG4H-TR Ledtronics SML12RG4H-TR LED Bi-Color Green/Red 565nm/644nm 4-Pin Chip 0 0.0000
WF200-0AG-024V Ledtronics WF200-0AG-024V LED Uni-Color Green 525nm 2-Pin 0 0.0000
LED48T8SM-276-XPW-001WF Ledtronics LED48T8SM-276-XPW-001WF LED Uni-Color White 4-Pin 0 0.0000
FF200-0CW-028B Ledtronics FF200-0CW-028B LED Uni-Color White 2-Pin 0 0.0000
FF200-0CW-006B Ledtronics FF200-0CW-006B LED Uni-Color White 2-Pin 0 0.0000
RPLL22-CRF Ledtronics RPLL22-CRF LED 650nm Red: Complete Assembly 0 0.0000
RPLL22-CGF Ledtronics RPLL22-CGF LED Pilot Light Indicators, For Industrial Controls, Relampable 0 0.0000
WF200-0UR-014V Ledtronics WF200-0UR-014V LED Bulbs T1 3/4 (5mm) Midget Wedge 0 0.0000
SM110TG4-TR Ledtronics SM110TG4-TR LED Uni-Color Green 565nm 2-Pin T/R 0 0.0000
SM110TR4-TR Ledtronics SM110TR4-TR LEDS 3mm Right-Angled Chimney-Type Surface Mount LEDs 0 0.0000
SML10R3-TR Ledtronics SML10R3-TR LED, SMD Surface Mount, SOT 23 Package 0 0.0000
SML10Y4H-TR Ledtronics SML10Y4H-TR LED Uni-Color Yellow 582nm 2-Pin SMD 1206 0 0.0000
UTL1835-1CW Ledtronics UTL1835-1CW LED Panel Mount Indicator Uni-Color White 0 0.0000
W206CR7-120V-8 Ledtronics W206CR7-120V-8 LED Uni-Color Red 657nm 0 0.0000
HLDR-BS780BS-WP Ledtronics HLDR-BS780BS-WP Holder, Black Body, With Screw Terminals 0 0.0000
RPLH16-02-05-02 Ledtronics RPLH16-02-05-02 LED Panel Mount Indicator 130Vdc/120Vac,Blue,16mm 0 0.0000
FF200-0IW-014B Ledtronics FF200-0IW-014B LED Uni-Color White 2-Pin 0 0.0000
RPLH16-02-03-02 LEDtronics RPLH16-02-03-02 Yellow LED Single Color 16mm Panel Mount 0 0.0000
21PCD130TWRG4-3-C LEDtronics 21PCD130TWRG4-3-C Dual Color LED Array, High Efficiency Red/green, Milky White, T-1, 3mm 0 0.0000
BSD-1010-002 LEDtronics BSD-1010-002 LED T-2 Telephone Slide Base Incandescent Lamp 0 0.0000
BSD-1010-007 LEDtronics BSD-1010-007 LED Miniature Bulbs 0 0.0000
L200TG5L LEDtronics L200TG5L LED Uni-Color Green 565nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 0 0.0000
RBG280T3-5G-B LEDtronics RBG280T3-5G-B LED Uni-Color Yellow 585nm 5-Pin 0 0.0000
L200CUB500-3.8VF LEDtronics L200CUB500-3.8VF LED 5mm (T1 3/4 ) Ultra Blue, 8.6mm 0 0.4500
RBG280T3-0007 LEDtronics RBG280T3-0007 LED Green 565nm 0 0.0000
PC120TR4-140 PC120TR4-140 LEDtronics Red LED 20 mA 644nm 2Pin 0 0.0000
LD200CWG6 LD200CWG6 LEDtronics LED Green 5mm 2Pin 0 0.0000
LD120-0CW-30D-LL LD120-0CW-30D-LL Ledtronics LED Water Clear T-1 0 0.0000
LDF120-0CW-12-LL Ledtronics LDF120-0CW-12-LL LED Water Clear 3mm 0 0.0000
L200-0CW-20D-LL Ledtronics L200-0CW-20D-LL LED Water Clear 5mm 0 0.0000
CL200-0CW-120D-LL Ledtronics CL200-0CW-120D-LL LED Water Clear 5mm 0 0.0000
41PCS170TG5 41PCS170TG5 Ledtronics LED T1 (3mm) Tri Level 0 0.0000
LTP005-0CW-401 LTP005-0CW-401 LEDtronics SMT Light Pipe 0 0.0000
SML1206-395-TR SML1206-395-TR LEDtronics LED 398nm 3.5V SMD 1206 0 0.0000
5SBF200-0CW-120A 5SBF200-0CW-120A LEDtronics LED Lamp 120V T2-#5 0 0.0000