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Luna Optoelectronics / Advanced Photonix

On May 8, 2015 the merger between Advanced Photonix, Inc. and Luna Innovations Inc. was completed. Joining forces, the combined company has a strengthened position in optical technology.

Luna Innovations Inc.
Luna researches, develops and commercializes sensing technologies for the aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, and telecommunications markets, Strain and temperature sensing, Loss sensing (optical test and measurement).

Business segments:
Products and Licensing
*Fiber optic strain & temperature measurement
*Fiber optic testing (measuring loss in optical components)
Technology Development
*Perform applied research in Sensing & Instrumentation, Health Sciences, and Advanced Materials.

Advanced Photonix, Inc. is a leading supplier of opto-electronic solutions and Terahertz sensors and instrumentation to a global OEM customer base. Our solutions are based on our patented high speed optical receivers in III-V materials in APD and PIN configurations and silicon Large Area Avalanche Photodiode (LAAPD), PIN photodiode and FILTRODE® detectors. The Terahertz sensor product line is targeted to the Nondestructive Testing (including Baggage/Cargo Scanning) and Quality Control markets. Using our patented fiber coupled technology and high speed Terahertz generation and detection sensors we are transferring Terahertz from the application development laboratory to the factory floor.

API supports the customer from the initial concept by the designing of the semiconductor, hybridization of support electronics, packaging and signal conditioning or processing from prototype through full-scale production and validation/test. Our served markets are: Telecom, Homeland Security, Military, Medical, and Industrial/NDT.