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Merit Sensor Systems Inc

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Merit Sensor designs and manufactures MEMS pressure sensors for various industries, including medical, industrial, and automotive with high accuracy. Merit’s products range from 0 to 15,000 psi and operate from -40 to 150C with high accuracy and reliability. The pressure transducers that we manufacture, as well as the piezoresistive silicon sensing elements, are all produced in Merit’s onsite wafer fab and assembly areas in South Jordan, Utah. In addition to their standard products designed for various applications, Merit also customizes products to meet the specific needs of customers (e.g., sensitivity, resistance, calibration). If the requirements are feasible and the NRE payment is sufficient, Merit will work closely with those customers who require a customized sensor.

Merit Sensor Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and assembles piezoresistive pressure sensors. The Company offers products for automotive, medical, industrial, aviation, defense, and consumer applications. These devices can measure from below 1 in water to as high as 500psi for transducers, and 15,000 psi for sensing elements. With its own wafer fab and calibration equipment on site, Merit Sensor has been able to support a wide variety of market demands around the world. The company’s headquarters and production areas are located on the Merit Medical campus in South Jordan, Utah, USA. Merit Sensor Systems serves clients worldwide.