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Microchip Technology – Active Components

MICROCHIP is a leading provider of analog semiconductors, serial memory, RF and microcontroller devices for low-risk product development and rapid time-to-market, with low overall system cost in consumer applications. Among the company’s diversified portfolio are systems for battery charging, smoke detection, connectivity (wireless, USB and Ethernet) and low-power applications. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality.

The company’s full product range caters for cost-sensitive system design, while also satisfying the demand for specific features – from 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers to 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, and the eXtreme Low Power XLP PIC line for use where energy consumption is a critical concern.

Microchip Technology Incorporated (NASDAQ: MCHP) is a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market. Microchip Technology is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling specialized semiconductor products used by its customers for a range of embedded control applications. The Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets microcontrollers, development tools and analog, interface, mixed signal and timing products. Microchip’s product portfolio comprises general purpose and specialized 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers, a spectrum of linear, mixed-signal, power management, thermal management, radio frequency (RF), timing, safety, security, wired connectivity and wireless connectivity devices, as well as serial electrically erasable programmable read-only memories (EEPROMs) and serial flash memories.


PIC® Microcontrollers

            8-bit PIC® MCUs

            16-bit PIC® MCUs & dsPIC® DSCs

            32-bit PIC® MCUs

        Amplifiers & Linear

            Operational Amplifiers

            Instrumentation Amplifiers


            PGA & SGA

        Automotive (SMSC) Data Converters

            Analog–to–Digital Converters

            DAC & Digital Potentiometers

            Energy Measurement

            Power/Current Sensors (SMSC)

        Development Tools



            MPLAB® X IDE





            Ethernet & Embedded Networking (SMSC)



            Serial Peripherals


            USB (SMSC)

        Legacy 8051/80C51 MCUs


            Serial EEPROM

            Serial SRAM

            Serial Flash

            Parallel Flash

        Motor Drivers PC Systems & I/O Controllers (SMSC) Power Management

            Battery Management

            Charge Pumps

            CPU/System Supervisors

            LDO Regulators

            Power MOSFET Drivers

            Power MOSFETs

            Hybrid PWM Controllers

            PWM Controllers

            Switching Regulators

            Voltage Detectors

        Real-Time Clock

        Safety & Security

            Horn Drivers

            Smoke & CO

            Security (SMSC)

        Thermal Management

            Temperature Sensors

            Brushless DC Fan Controllers

            Thermal & Power Management (SMSC)

        Touch and Input Sensing

            Proximity, Keys and Sliders

            Touch Screens and Touch Pads

            3D Tracking and Gesture Sensing

            Capacitive Touch Sensors (SMSC)



            Power Amplifiers

            Radio Frequency

            Wireless Audio (SMSC)

        Product Selection Tools

        MASTERs Conference






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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
24LC16BT-I/SN Microchip 24LC16BT-I/SN IC 24LC16 Series 16 Kbit I2C 2 Wire (2K x 8) 2.5 V Serial EEPROM SMT - SOIC-8 0 0.3400
24LC02B-I/P Microchip 24LC02B-I/P EEPROM Serial-I2C 2K-Bit 256 x 8 3.3V/5V 8-Pin PDIP 0 0.3400
SY100S838ZC SYBERGY SY100S838ZC IC CLOCK GEN 3.3V/5V 14 10.4500
PIC16C554 MICROCHIP PIC16C554-04/P IC MCU OTP 512X14 18DIP 200 3.2500
PIC16LF73-I/SO PIC16LF73-I/SO Microchip 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 7KB 192 RAM 22 I/O 28SOIC 26 6.9000
PIC12C509A-04I/P PIC12C509A-04I/P Microchip MCU 8-bit 4MHz PDIP8 14 1.1200
MIC4420BM MICREL MIC4420BM Mosfet Gate Driver IC Non-Inverting 8-SOIC 0 0.6700
MIC4426BM MICREL MIC4426BM IC Dual 4.5V-18V 1.5A-Peak Low-side MOSFET Driver 46 0.6300
38HC45BM MICREL MIC38HC45BM PWM Controller 18V 200mA 1000kHz 8-SOIC 6 3.0000
PIC16LC924-04I/PT PIC16LC924-04I/PT Microchip Technology IC MCU 8-Bit PIC16 PIC RISC 7KB EPROM 3.3V/5V 64-Pin TQFP 0 5.5000
27C256-20Z MICROCHIP 27C256-L051 CMOS EPROM 256K (32K X 8) 37 8.0000
93LC66B-SN Microchip 93LC66B/SN EEPROM 4Kbit 2 MHz SMD SOIC-8 35 0.3500
TDGL002 Microchip Technology Inc. TDGL002 IC Dev Kit; Arduino Uno32; 128KB; Boards-PIC32 0 26.9500
TDGL003 Microchip Technology Inc. IC TDGL003 Dev Kit; Arduino, Max32; 512KB; Boards-PIC32 0 49.9500
TDGL005 Microchip Technology Inc. TDGL005 - chipKIT Basic I/O Shield 0 37.9900
TDGL006 Microchip Technology Inc. TDGL006 - chipKIT Network Shield 0 54.9900
PIC12C671T-04/SM Microchip Technology Inc. PIC12C671T-04/SM PIC12C Series 128 B RAM 1 K x 14 Bit CMOS 8-Bit Microcontroller - SOIC-8 0 1.9900
MCP-2515-I/ST Microchip MCP2515-I/ST CAN Interface Controller 5.5V 1Mb/s SMD TSSOP-20 5 2.3500
TC4427COA TC4427COA Microchip Gate Drivers 1.5A Dual MOSFET NonInver Ctemp SOIC8 0 0.0000
3DTouchPad Microchip Technology 3DTouchPad 0 0.0000
PIC16F1826-I/P PIC16F1826-I/P MICROCHIP IC MCU 8-Bit PIC16 PIC RISC 3.5KB Flash 3.3V/5V 18-Pin PDIP RoHS 0 0.0000
PIC16F57-I/P PIC16F57-I/P MICROCHIP IC MCU 8-Bit PIC16 PIC RISC 3KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V/5V 28-Pin PDIP RoHS 0 0.0000
MCP6V03-E/SN MCP6V03-E/SN Microchip Technology Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps SNGL w/ CS Auto-Zero Op Amp E Temp 1.3MHZ 8SOIC RoHS 0 0.0000
PIC16C924-04/PT PIC16C924-04/PT MICROCHIP IC MCU 8-Bit PIC16 PIC RISC 7KB EPROM 5V 64-Pin TQFP RoHS 0 0.0000

PIC16F54-I/P Microchip Microcontroller 8-Bit 20MHz 18-PDIP

0 0.0000
TC4427EOA Microchip TC4427EOA Dual Non Inverting MOSFET Driver 1.5A 18Vmax 7Ohm SOIC-8 0 1.3000
MCP1825S-3302E/DB MCP1825S-3302E/DB Microchip LDO Regulator 500mA 3.3V 3+Tab-Pin, SOT-223 0 0.6100
MCP1825T-3302E/DC MCP1825T-3302E/DC MICROCHIP Linear Voltage Regulator 3.3V 0.5A SOT223-5 ROHS 0 0.5800
PIC16F1938-E/SO PIC16F1938-E/SO, MICROCHIP, MCU 8-bit PIC16 PIC RISC 28KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V/5V Automotive 28-Pin SOIC W Tube 0 1.5000
CAP1114-1-EZK-TR CAP1114-1-EZK-TR Microchip Capacitive Touch Sensors 14 Channel Capacitve Touch Sensor 11 LED 0 2.0000
SST39VF800A704CB3KE SST39VF800A704CB3KE Microchip Flash Memory 512 x 16 BIT SMD TFBGA-48 100 2.5000
PIC16F876A-I/SP PIC16F876A-I/SP Microchip Microcontroller Flash 8kbyte 20MHz 28-pin 15 5.2400
PIC12F509-I/MS PIC12F509-I/MS Microchip MCU 1.5K Flash 41B RAM 4MHz MSOP8 0 0.8100
PIC32MX795F512L80IPF PIC32MX795F512L-80I/PF Microchip MCU, 32BIT, 80MHZ, TQFP-100 0 11.8700
27C256-20L Microchip 27C256-20L CMOS EPROM 256k ( 32k X 8 ) 85 5.0000
KSZ8873MML KSZ8873MML Microchip IC 3-Port 10/100 Switch w/ 2x MII 64LQFP 0 5.9400
PIC16LF1508-I/SS PIC16LF1508-I/SS Microchip MCU 8-bit PIC16 PIC RISC 7KB Flash 3.3V 20-Pin SSOP 0 1.7500
PIC16LF1508T-I/SS PIC16LF1508-I/SS Microchip Microcontroller MCU 8-bit 7KB Fl 256B R 10-bit ADC 0 1.2700
EMC1102-ACZL-TR EMC1102-ACZL-TR Microchip Temp Sensor Digital Serial (1-Wire) 8MSOP 0 0.0000
VN10KN3 SUPETEX VN10KN3 Transistor MOSFET N-CH 60V 0.31A 3-Pin 100 0.4200
MIC38HC44YM MIC38HC44YM Microchip IC PWM Controller 1A 8-Pin SOIC 855 2.4700
PIC18F25J11-I/SS PIC18F25J11-I/SS Microchip MCU 8-bit RISC 32KB Flash 28-Pin SSOP 0 2.9700
MIC4576-3.3WT MIC4576-3.3WT Microchip Step-down Regulator 200kHz 3.0A TO-220-5 10 3.5800
MIC23030-CYMT-TR MIC23030-CYMT-TR Microchip Hyper Light Load Buck Regulator 8MHz 400mA TMLF-6 0 0.7500
KSZ9031RNXCA KSZ9031RNXCA Microchip Ethernet ICs 1-Port Gigabit 0 5.8000
MCP4542T-104E/MF MCP4542T-104E/MF Microchip Single 7-bit Non-volatile linear Rheostat w/I2C 0 0.0000
USB5532B-5000JZX USB5532B-5000JZX Microchip IC USB Hub Controller 64-Pin QFN 2 5.7000
USB2517-JZX USB2517-JZX Microchip IC USB 2.0 Hi Speed Hub Controller 64QFN 24,961 5.0800
MCP9700AT-E/TT MCP9700AT-E/TT Microchip Temp Sensor 5.5V SOT-23 0 0.6012
USB5532B-6080JZX USB5532B-6080JZX Microchip USB Hub Controller 64-Pin QFN 140 5.8700
MEC1418-NU MEC1418-NU Microchip MCU MEC 32-bit Microcontroller, MIPS Core 192K SRAM, eSPI 0 0.0000
MIC29302AWU-TR MIC29302AWU-TR Microchip LDO Regulator Pos 1.24V-15V 3A TO-263 750 1.5000
MIC2505-1YM-TR MIC2505-1YM TR Microchip USB Power Switch Single 4A SOIC-8 0 2.2800
MIC842NYC5-TR MIC842NYC5-TR Microchip Comparator Single 5.5V SC-70 0 0.0000
MCP1640BT-I/CHY MCP1640BT-I/CHY Microchip Synchronous Boost Regulator 5.5V 575 kHz 300 mA SOT-23-6 0 0.6200
AT91SAM7S256D-AU AT91SAM7S256D-AU Microchip MCU 32-bit SAM7S ARM7TDMI RISC 256KB 0 8.8000
93LC46B/SN 93LC46B/SN Microchip IC EEPROM 1KBIT 2MHZ 8SOIC 0 0.2700
MCP1826S-1202E/DB MCP1826S-1202E/DB Microchip Fixed Output LDO Regulator 1A 1.2V SOT-223 0 0.7000
24LC08B-I/SN 24LC08B-I/SN Microchip EEPROM 8K 2.5V 8SOIC 0 0.0000
USB3300-EZK USB3300-EZK Microchip Hi Speed USB Host Device 32-Pin QFN 0 1.4400
ATMEGA1281-16MUR ATMEGA1281-16MUR Microchip MCU 8-bit ATmega AVR RISC 128KB Flash 3.3V/5V 64-VQFN 0 0.0000
ATMEGA128-16MNR ATMEGA128-16MNR Microchip RISC MCU 8-bit 128KB Flash 5V 64QFN 0 0.0000
ATMEGA128-16MN ATMEGA128-16MN Microchip RISC MCU 8-bit 128KB Flash 5V 64QFN 0 0.0000
MIC4576WT MIC4576WT Microchip Switching Voltage Regulators 200kHz 3.0A Step-down 1.23V-33V 3A TO-220 7 3.5000
ATSAMA5D35A-CU ATSAMA5D35A-CU Microchip MCU 32-Bit SAMA5D3 ARM Cortex A5 RISC 160KB ROM 1.2V 324-Pin LF-BGA 0 0.0000
MCP9808T-E/MC MCP9808T-E/MC Microchip Temperature Sensor IC, Digital, 2.7-3.6V 8DFN 6,599 0.0000
ATMEGA128-16MUR ATMEGA128-16MUR Microchip Microcontroller 8-bit MCU RISC 128KB Flash 5V 64-MLF 12 11.0000
PIC12F617-I/SN PIC12F617-I/SN Microchip Microcontroller MCU 8-bit 128B RAM 6 I/O 8MHz SOIC-8 0 0.9000
PIC18LF45K50-E/MV PIC18LF45K50-E/MV Microchip MCU 32 KB Flash 48 MHz 40UQFN 0 3.0000
ATSAMD21E18A-MUT ATSAMD21E18A-MUT Microchip MCU ARM Microcontroller 48MHz 1.6-3.6V 64KB 8KB 32QFN 0 3.0700
AT24C64D-SSHM-T AT24C64D-SSHM-T Microchip EEPROM 64KBIT 1MHZ 8SOIC 0 0.2700
AT40K10-2DQU AT40K10-2DQU Microchip IC FPGA 161 I/O 208QFP 0 30.8000
DSPIC33EP512MU810IPT MICROCHIP DSPIC33EP512MU810-I/PT, MCU 16-bit RISC 536KB Flash 3.3V 100-TQFP 0 0.0000
PIC18F8520-E/PT PIC18F8520-E/PT Microchip MCU 8-bit 5V 80-TQFP 0 0.0000
TC1413NCPA TC1413NCPA Microchip MOSFET Driver 3A 1-OUT 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
SST25VF080B504IS2AFT SST25VF080B-50-4I-S2AF-T Microchip NOR Flash 8Mbit Serial-SPI 3.3V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP1316MT-20LI/OT MCP1316MT-20LI/OT Microchip Processor Supervisor 2V 1V-5.5V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
USB5534B-5000JZX USB5534B-5000JZX Microchip Controller USB 2.0/USB 3-3.3V 64-QFN 0 6.5000
PIC32MX150F128D-I/ML PIC32MX150F128D-I/ML Microchip MCU 32-bit 3.3V RISC 128KB Flash 44-QFN 0 4.3000
MIC5235-1.8YM5-TR MIC5235-1.8YM5-TR Microchip LDO Regulator Pos 1.8V 0.15A SOT-23-5 0 1.2000
MCP9700T-E/LT MCP9700T-E/LT Microchip Temp Sensor Analog Automotive SC-70-5 0 0.0000
MIC69153YML-TR MIC69153YML-TR Microchip LDO Regulator Pos 0.5V-5.5V 1.5A 10-DFN 0 0.0000
AT24C512C-MAHM-T AT24C512C-MAHM-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 512K-bit 64K x 8 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V 8-UDFN 0 0.0000
MCP23S08T-E/SO MCP23S08T-E/SO Microchip I/O Expander 8 SPI 10MHz 18-SOIC 0 0.0000
PIC16F1516-I/MV PIC16F1516-I/MV Microchip MCU 10-Bit 1.8-5.5V UQFN-28 0 0.0000
AT24C16C-MAHM-T AT24C16C-MAHM-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 16K-bit 2K 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V 8-UDFN 0 0.0000
MCP23S17T-E/ML MCP23S17T-E/ML Microchip I/O Expander 5.5 V 10 MHz 16-Bit QFN-28 0 1.8000
MCP120T-270I/TT Microchip MCP120T-270I/TT Voltage Supervisor 2.55-2.7V SOT-23 0 0.0000
MCP1407-E/SN MCP1407-E/SN Microchip Gate Drivers 6A Single SOIC8 0 0.0000
PIC24EP256GP204-I/ML PIC24EP256GP204-I/ML Microchip MCU 16-bit 3.3V 44-QFN 0 0.0000
24LC256T-E/SN 24LC256T-E/SN Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 256Kb I2C 400kHz 900ns 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT24C08C-SSHM-T AT24C08C-SSHM-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 8Kb 5.5V I2C-Compatible SOIC-8 0 0.0000
ATTINY13A-PU ATTINY13A-PU Microchip Microcontroller - MCU 8-bit 1KB In-system Flash 20MHz 1.8V-5.5V 8-PDIP 0 0.6600
MCP1702T-5002E/MB MCP1702T-5002E/MB Microchip LDO Regulator Pos 5V 0.25A SOT-89-4 0 0.0000
PIC16F886-I/ML PIC16F886-I/ML Microchip MCU 14K Flash 256B EEPROM 368B RAM QFN28 0 0.0000
MEC1418-SZ MEC1418-SZ Microchip 32-bit MCU MEC MIPS 192K 144-WFBGA 0 0.0000
ATXMEGA64A3U-AU ATXMEGA64A3U-AU Microchip Microcontroller MCU 8-bit AVR8 64KB FLSH 4KB 64TQFP 0 0.0000
MCP7940N-I/SN MCP7940N-I/SN Microchip Real Time Clock, 64B RAM Serial-I2C, 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
SST25VF040B504CSAFT SST25VF040B-50-4C-SAF-T Microchip NOR Flash Serial-SPI 3.3V 4M-bit 8ns 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MIC5213-3.3YC5-TR MIC5213-3.3YC5-TR Microchip LDO Regulator Pos 3.3V 0.08A SC-70-5 0 0.0000
MCP1825ST-3302E/DB MCP1825ST-3302E/DB Microchip LDO Voltage Regulator 3.3V 500mA SOT-223 0 0.0000
MCP73871T-2CCI/ML MCP73871T-2CCI/ML Microchip Charger IC Lithium-Ion/Polymer 20-QFN 0 0.0000
PIC32MX795F512L80IPT PIC32MX795F512L-80I/PT Microchip MCU 32-Bit PIC32 PIC RISC 512KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V 100-TQFP 0 0.0000
MIC5235YM5-TR MIC5235YM5-TR Microchip LDO Regulator 1.24-20V 150mA SOT23-5 0 0.0000
KSZ9031RNXIA-TR KSZ9031RNXIA TR Microchip IC Ethernet TXRX Gigabit 1Port 48QFN 0 0.0000
PIC16LF1828T-I/SS PIC16LF1828T-I/SS Microchip MCU 8-bit PIC16 PIC RISC 7KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V 20- SSOP 0 0.0000
TC1014-3.3VCT713 TC1014-3.3VCT713 Microchip Regulator 3.3V 50MA SOT23-5 10 0.0000
24LC512-I/SM 24LC512-I/SM Microchip EEPROM 512K 2.5V 8-SOIC 3 0.0000
ATMEGA168V-10AU ATMEGA168V-10AU Microchip Microcontroller MCU 8-Bit ATmega RISC 16KB 32-TQFP 2 0.0000
24LC128T-I/ST 24LC128T-I/ST Microchip EEPROM 16kx8 - 2.5V 8-TSSOP 0 0.0000
MCP23017-E/SP MCP23017-E/SP Microchip I/O Expander 16 I2C 1.7MHz 28-SPDIP 0 0.0000
MCP2561T-E/SN MCP2561T-E/SN Microchip IC CAN Tranceiver 5V 8-SOIC 1 0.0000
MCP2561T-E/MF MCP2561T-E/MF Microchip IC CAN Tranceiver 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP2221AT-I/ST MCP2221AT-I/ST Microchip UART Interface 14-TSSOP 0 0.0000
24LC512T-I/SM 24LC512T-I/SM Microchip EEPROM 64kx8 - 2.5V 400kHz 8-SOIJ 2 0.0000
MIC4576WU-TR MIC4576WU-TR Micrel Step-down Regulator 200kHz 3.0A TO-263BA 750 0.0000
PIC12F1571T-I/MS PIC12F1571T-I/MS Microchip MCU 8-Bit MSOP8 0 0.0000
PIC16F15324T-I/ST PIC16F15324T-I/ST Microchip 8-bit MCU 32MHz 14-TSSOP 0 0.0000
23LCV1024-I/SN 23LCV1024-I/SN Microchip SRAM 1024K 2.5V 8SOIC 0 0.0000
23LCV1024-I/P 23LCV1024-I/P Microchip SRAM 1024K 2.5V 8DIP 0 0.0000
AT24C32E-MAHM-T AT24C32EMAHM-T Microchip EEPROM 1MHz 1.7-3.6V 8-UDFN 0 0.0000
MCP2561T-H/SN MCP2561T-H/SN Microchip CAN Tranceiver 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP2551-I/P MCP2551-I/P Microchip 1/1 Transceiver Half CANbus 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
MCP2551T-E/SN MCP2551T-E/SN Microchip CAN 1Mbps 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP2551-E/P MCP2551-E/P Microchip CAN 1Mbps 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
24LC64T-I/ST 24LC64T-I/ST Microchip EEPROM 400kHz 3.3-5V 8-TSSOP 0 0.0000
24LC64T-E/ST 24LC64T-E/ST Microchip EEPROM 400kHz 3.3-5V 8-TSSOP 0 0.0000
24LC64T-I/MC 24LC64T-I/MC Microchip EEPROM 64K-bit 3.3V/5V 8-DFN 0 0.0000
24LC64T-I/MNY 24LC64T-I/ST Microchip EEPROM 64K-bit 3.3V/5V 8-TDFN 0 0.0000
KSZ8999 KSZ8999 Microchip Ethernet IC 10/100 208-PQFP 0 0.0000
KSZ9477STXI-TR KSZ9477STXI-TR Microchip Gigabit Ethernet Switch 3.3V 750mA 128-TQFP 0 0.0000
KSZ9477STXI KSZ9477STXI Microchip Gigabit Ethernet Switch 3.3V 750mA 128-TQFP 0 0.0000
MCP6002T-I/SN MCP6002T-I/SN Microchip Operational Amplifier 6V 1MHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP6002T-E/MC MCP6002T-E/MC Microchip Operational Amplifier 6V 1MHz 8-SOIC 5 0.0000
MCP6002T-E/SN MCP6002T-E/SN Microchip Operational Amplifier 6V 1MHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP6002T-E/MS MCP6002T-E/MS Microchip Operational Amplifier 6V 1MHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
PIC16F1829-E/SS PIC16F1829-E/SS Microchip 8-bit Microcontroller 32MHz 3.3-5V 20-SSOP 0 0.0000
TC1413NEPA TC1413NEPA Microchip MOSFET Power Driver 3A 4.5-16V 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
AT24C512C-SSHD-T AT24C512C-SSHD-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 3.3-5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
TC1413NEOA TC1413NEOA Microchip MOSFET Power Driver 3A 4.5-16V 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
TC1413NCOA TC1413NCOA Microchip MOSFET Power Driver 3A 4.5-16V 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
MIC29503WU-TR MIC29503WU-TR Microchip LDO Voltage Regulator 1.25-25V 5A TO-263-5 0 0.0000
MIC29503WU MIC29503WU Microchip LDO Voltage Regulator 1.25-25V 5A TO-263-5 0 0.0000
MIC29503WT MIC29503WT Microchip LDO Voltage Regulator 1.25-25V 5A TO-220-5 0 0.0000
MIC842HYC5-TR MIC842HYC5-TR Microchip Analog Comparator Single 5.5V 20mA SC-70-5 0 0.0000
USB5744T-I/2G USB5744T-I/2G Microchip Hi-Speed USB 3.0 Controller 56-VQFN 0 0.0000
DSC1001DI1-050.0000T DSC1001DI1-050.0000T Microchip Clock MEMS Oscillator 50MHz 1.8-3.3V 4-SMD 0 0.0000
MCP16311T-E/MNY MCP16311T-E/MNY Microchip Buck Switching Regulator IC 2V 1A 8-WFDFN 2 0.0000
LAN8720AI-CP-TR LAN8720AI-CP-TR Microchip Ethernet Transceiver 1.6-3.6V 24-SQFN 0 0.0000
SST25VF512A-33-4ISAE SST25VF512A-33-4I-SAE Microchip NOR Flash Serial-SPI 3.3V 512K-bit 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
ZL50012QCG1 ZL50012QCG1 Microchip Bus Switch 3.3V 160-LQFP 0 0.0000
PIC16LF1554T-I/ML PIC16LF1554T-I/ML Microchip MCU 8Bit 32MHz 3.3V 16QFN 0 0.0000
PIC16F1513-I/SS PIC16F1513-I/SS Microchip Microcontroller MCU 8-bit 20MHz 256B RAM 28-SSOP 0 0.0000
AT24CS08-SSHM-B AT24CS08-SSHM-B Microchip EEPROM 8Kb 1MHz 550ns 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT24CS08-SSHM-T AT24CS08-SSHM-T Microchip EEPROM 8Kb 1MHz 550ns 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
KSZ9031RNXCC KSZ9031RNXCC Micrel Gigabit Ethernet IC 3.3V 48-QFN RoHS 0 0.0000
MEC1428-SZ-C1-TR MEC1428-SZ-C1-TR Microchip 32-bit Microcontroller MCU 144-WFBGA 0 0.0000
PAC1934T-I/J6CX PAC1934T-I/J6CX Microchip IC Monitor 2.7V to 5.5V 16-WLCSP 0 0.0000
AT24CM02-SSHD-T AT24CM02-SSHD-T Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 2Mb 3.3-5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT24CM02-SSHD-B AT24CM02-SSHD-B Microchip EEPROM 2 Mb 5.5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
DSPIC33FJ128GP802-I DSPIC33FJ128GP802-I/MM Microchip MCU 16-bit dsPIC RISC 128KB Flash 3.3V 28-QFN 5 0.0000
USB2514B-I/M2 USB2514B-I/M2 Microchip USB 2 Hub Controller - Interface 1.5A 36-SQFN 0 0.0000
MCP2562-E/SN MCP2562-E/SN Microchip CAN Bus Transceiver 1Mbps 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
1N5305-1 1N5305-1 Microchip Diode Current Regulator 100V 2.2mA DO-7 0 0.0000
1N5305 1N5305 Microchip Diode Current Regulator 100V 2.2mA DO-7 0 0.0000
MCP4017T-502E/LT MCP4017T-502E/LT Microchip Digital Potentiometer ICs 5K I2C 7-Bit SC-70-6 0 0.0000
PIC16LF1513-I/SS PIC16LF1513-I/SS Microchip Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 28-SSOP 0 0.0000
ATMEGA640-16AUR ATMEGA640-16AUR Microchip Microcontroller 8-Bit 16MHz 64KB 100-TQFP 0 0.0000
24FC512-I/SM 24FC512-I/SM Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 512Kb 1.8-5V 1MHz 8-SOIJ 0 0.0000
25AA320AT-I/SN 25AA320AT-I/SN Microchip EEPROM 1.8V 2Kb 10MHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT91SAM7S64C-AU AT91SAM7S64C-AU Microchip Microcontroller 32-Bit 55MHz 1.8V/3.3V 64-LQFP 0 0.0000
PIC16F685-I/SS PIC16F685-I/SS Microchip Microcontroller IC MCU 8-Bit 20MHz 5V 20-SSOP 5 0.0000
LAN8710AI-EZK LAN8710AI-EZK Microchip IC 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver 1.2V 32-QFN 0 0.0000
MCP2562T-E/SN MCP2562T-E/SN Microchip CAN Transceiver 1Mbps 5.5V 70mA 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT24C02C-SSHM-T AT24C02C-SSHM-T Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 2Kb (256 x 8) 1MHz 550ns 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
KSZ8795CLXCC KSZ8795CLXCC Microchip Ethernet Switch 5-Port 100Mbps 80-LQFP 960 0.0000
MCP6541T-E/OT MCP6541T-E/OT Microchip Comparator Single R-R I/O 5.5V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
ATMEGA324P-20AU ATMEGA324P-20AU Atmel AVR Microcontroller 8-bit 20MHz 5V 44-TQFP 0 0.0000
LAN8710AI-EZK-TR LAN8710AI-EZK-TR Microchip IC 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver 1.2V 32-QFN 0 0.0000
LAN8710AI-EZK-ABC LAN8710AI-EZK-ABC Microchip IC 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver 1.2V 32-QFN 0 0.0000
AT24C16C-SSHM-T AT24C16C-SSHM-T Microchip / Atmel EEPROM Serial 1Mhz 16K-bit 1.7-5.5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT24C16C-SSHM-B AT24C16C-SSHM-B Microchip / Atmel EEPROM Serial 1Mhz 16K-bit 1.7-5.5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
AT24C16C-STUM-T AT24C16C-STUM-T Microchip / Atmel EEPROM Serial 1Mhz 16K-bit 1.7-5.5V SOT23-5 0 0.0000
AT24C16C-STUM AT24C16C-STUM Microchip / Atmel EEPROM Serial 1Mhz 16K-bit 1.7-5.5V SOT23-5 0 0.0000
MCP1702T-3302E/MB MCP1702T-3302E/MB Microchip LDO Regulator 250MA, 3.3V, SOT-89 1 0.0000
MCP1702T-3302E MCP1702T-3302E/CB Microchip LDO Regulator 250MA, 3.3V, SOT-89 741 0.0000
23K640T-I/ST 23K640T-I/ST Microchip SRAM 64Kb SPI 20MHz 8-TSSOP 0 0.0000
CC0402JRX7R9BB562 CC0402JRX7R9BB562 YAGEO Ceramic Capacitor 5600pF 50V SMD 0402 0 0.0000
24LC64-I/SM 24LC64-I/SM Microchip SERIAL EEPROM 64K 2.5V 8-SOIC RoHS 0 0.0000
24LC64-I/SN 24LC64-I/SN Microchip Technology EEPROM 8kx8 - 2.5V 64K 2.5V 8-SOIC RoHS 0 0.0000
ATTINY261A-MUR ATTINY261A-MUR Atmel 8-bit Microcontroller 20MHz 3.3V 32-VQFN 0 0.0000
MCP6541T-E/MS MCP6541T-E/MS Microchip Comparator Single R-R I/O 5.5V 8MSOP 0 0.0000
MCP6541T-E/SN MCP6541T-E/SN Microchip Comparator Single R-R I/O 5.5V 8SOIC 0 0.0000
RC0603FR-0740K2L RC0603FR-0740K2L YAGEO Thick Film Resistor 40.2K Ohms SMD 0603 0 0.0000
KSZ8091RNACA-TR KSZ8091RNACA-TR Microchip Transceiver 1/1 Full Ethernet 3.3V 24-QFN 0 0.0000
ATXMEGA64A4U-CUR ATXMEGA64A4U-CUR Microchip Microcontroller IC 8/16-Bit 32MHz 64KB 49-VFBGA 0 0.0000
SY58017UMG SY58017UMG Micrel Clock Multiplexer 7 GHz/10.7 Gbps 3V 16-QFN 0 0.0000
MCP73833-FCI/MF MCP73833-FCI/MF Microchip Linear Battery Charger Controller 1000mA 4.2V 10-DFN 0 0.0000
ATMEGA128-16MU ATMEGA128-16MU Microchip Microcontroller 8-bit MCU RISC 128KB Flash 5V 64-MLF 0 0.0000
AT24C02D-SSHM-T AT24C02D-SSHM-T Atmel EEPROM Memory 2Kb 3.3V 8-SOIC 500 0.0000
25LC640T-E/SN 25LC640-E/SN Microchip EEPROM 64Kb SPI 3 MHz 8-SOIC 1,000 0.0000
KSZ8091RNBCA KSZ8091RNBCA Microchip 1/1 Transceiver Full MII, RMII 3.3V 32-QFN 10 0.0000
MCP6002-E/SN MCP6002-E/SN Microchip OP Amp Dual 1MHz 6V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP6074-E/ST MCP6074-E/ST Microchip OP Amp Quad GP R-R I/O 6V 14-TSSOP 1 0.0000
KSZ8081MNXIA-TR KSZ8081MNXIA-TR Micrel 1/1 Transceiver Full MII 32-QFN 1 0.0000
1N750A-TR 1N750A/TR Microchip Zener Diode 0.5W DO-35 0 0.0000
ATXMEGA32A4U-AUR ATXMEGA32A4U-AUR Microchip Microcontroller IC 8/16-Bit 32MHz 32KB 44-TQFP 0 0.0000
ATXMEGA32A4U-AU ATXMEGA32A4U-AU Microchip Microcontroller IC 8/16-Bit 32MHz 32KB 44-TQFP 799 0.0000
25AA256-I/P 25AA256-I/P Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 256Kb (32K x 8) SPI 10 MHz 8-PDIP 0 0.0000
25LC512-I/SN 25LC512-I/SN Microchip EEPROM 512Kb 20MHz 2.5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
24LC1025T-I/SM 24LC1025T-I/SM Microchip Serial EEPROM 1M-bit 3.3V 8-SOIJ 0 0.0000
LM4040CYM3-4.1-TR LM4040CYM3-4.1-TR Microchip Shunt V-Ref 4.096V 15mA SOT-23-3 6,000 0.0000
PAC1954T-E/J6CX PAC1954T-E/J6CX Microchip Current Sensor, I2C/SMBus 32V 16-WLCSP 0 0.0000
PIC18LF4525-I/PT PIC18LF4525-I/PT Microchip Microcontroller 8-Bit 48kB Flash 3986 B RAM 40MHz TQFP-44 800 0.0000
ATA6563-GAQW0 ATA6563-GAQW0 Microchip CAN Interface 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
ATA6563-GAQW1 ATA6563-GAQW1 Microchip CAN Interface 5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP2542FDT-H/MF MCP2542FDT-H/MF Microchip CAN Transceiver 8Mbps 5.5V 8-DFN 0 0.0000
MEC1521H-B0-I/SZ MEC1521H-B0-I/SZ Microchip Microcontroller 32Bit 1.8V/3.3V 128-VTQFP 0 0.0000
MCP2210-I/SO MCP2210-I/SO Microchip USB to SPI USB 2.0 SPI Interface 5.5V 20-SOIC 0 0.0000
24LC64-I/ST 24LC64-I/ST Microchip Serial EEPROM 64Kb(8K X 8) I2C 2 Wire 2.5V TSSOP-8 100 0.0000
AT34C04-SS5M-T AT34C04-SS5M-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 4K-bit 3.3V 8-SOIC 1,999 0.0000
USB5744-I/2G USB5744-I/2G Microchip Hi-Speed USB 3.0 Controller 56-VQFN 0 0.0000
MCP1316MT-29KE/OT MCP1316MT-29KE/OT Microchip Processor Supervisor 2V 1V-5.5V SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
TC7660SEOA713 TC7660SEOA713 Microchip Charge Pump -12V to -1.5V/3V to 24V 20mA 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MCP6H01T-E/LT MCP6H01T-E/LT Microchip Op Amp Single GP R-R O/P 1.2 MHz 8V/16V SC-70-5 0 0.0000
DSC1123DI2-100.0000B DSC1123DI2-100.0000B Microchip XO LVDS Oscillator 100MHz 2.25-3.63V 6-SMD 0 0.0000
MCP6L4T-E/ST MCP6L4T-E/ST Microchip Op Amps Quad 2.7V Quad 2.8MHZ RRO 14TSSOP 5,000 0.0000
M2S150T-1FC1152I M2S150T-1FC1152I Microchip FPGA 1.2V 1152-FCBGA 0 0.0000
MIC4452ZT MIC4452ZT Microchip MOSFET Driver 12A TO-220-5 0 0.0000
MCP2210T-I/SS MCP2210T-I/SS Microchip USB Bridge, USB to SPI USB 2.0 SPI Interface 3.3V 20-SSOP 0 0.0000
MCP1804T-5002I/DB MCP1804T-5002I/DB Microchip LDO Regulator Positive 28V 150mA SOT-223-3 0 0.0000
PIC16F876A-I/ML PIC16F876A-I/ML Microchip MCU 8-Bit 14KB Flash 5V 28-QFN 0 0.0000
SST39VF1601-704IEKET SST39VF1601-70-4I-EKE-T Microchip NOR Flash 2.7-3.6V 16Mbit Memory 48-TSOP 0 0.0000
SST39VF1601C-704IEKE SST39VF1601C-70-4I-EKE Microchip NOR Flash 2.7-3.6V 16Mbit Memory 48-TSOP 0 0.0000
AT24C08C-STUM-T AT24C08C-STUM-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 8Kb 5.5V I2C SOIC-8 0 0.0000
USB2514B-AEZC-TR USB2514B-AEZC-TR Microchip USB 2.0 Hub Controller 3.3V 36-VQFN 0 0.0000
25LC512-M/SN 25LC512-M/SN Microchip EEPROM 512Kb 20MHz 2.5V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MIC2544-1YM-TR MIC2544-1YM-TR Microchip USB Power Switch 5.5V 0.1A to 1.5A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
PIC16F876AT-I/ML PIC16F876AT-I/ML Microchip MCU Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 14KB Flash 28-QFN 0 0.0000
PIC18F47K42-E/ML PIC18F47K42-E/ML Microchip MCU 8-bit PIC RISC 64MHz 128KB Flash 3.3V 44-QFN 0 0.0000
SY89832UMG-TR SY89832UMG-TR Microchip Clock Buffer 2.5V 16-VFQFN 0 0.0000
AT28C64B-15TU AT28C64B-15TU Microchip EEPROM Parallel 64K-bit 5V 28-TSOP-I 0 0.0000
MEC1428-SZ-C1 MEC1428-SZ-C1 Microchip 32-bit Microcontroller MCU 144-WFBGA 0 0.0000
MCP121T-450E/LB MCP121T-450E/LB Microchip Micropower Voltage Supervisor 4.38V 80 ms SC-70-3 100 0.0000
24LC32AFT-I/OT 24LC32AFT-I/OT Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 32Kb 400kHz SOT-23-5 0 0.0000
AT24C512C-SSHM-B AT24C512C-SSHM-B Microchip EEPROM Memory IC 512Kb 400kHz 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
SY89321LMG-TR SY89321LMG-TR Microchip Voltage Translator 3-3.6V MLF-8 0 0.0000
MCP45HV51-104E/ST MCP45HV51-104E/ST Microchip Digital Potentiometer 100kOhm 1.8-36V 14-TSSOP 0 0.0000
MCP1703T-4002E/MB MCP1703T-4002E/MB Microchip Voltage Regulator 16V 250mA SOT-89-3 0 0.0000
SY89832UMG SY89832UMG Microchip Clock Buffer 2.5V 16-VFQFN 0 0.0000
MIC2548-1YM MIC2548-1YM Microchip Power Switch Driver 5.5V 1.5A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MIC2548-1YM-TR MIC2548-1YM-TR Microchip Power Switch Driver 5.5V 1.5A 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
MIC2548-1YMM MIC2548-1YMM Microchip Power Switch Driver 5.5V 1.5A 8MSOP 0 0.0000
CC0805KRX7R9BB154 CC0805KRX7R9BB154 Yageo Ceramic Capacitor 0.15uF 50V SMD 0805 0 0.0000
MCP4641-502E/ST MCP4641-502E/ST Microchip Non Volatile Digital Potentiometer 5kohm 14-TSSOP 0 0.0000
MCP4716A3T-E/MAY MCP4716A3T-E/MAY Microchip DAC 10Bit 2.7-5.5V 6-DFN 0 0.0000
PIC18LF13K22-ISS PIC18LF13K22-ISS Microchip MCU 8Bit 8KB FLASH 20SSOP 0 0.0000
MCP4716A3T-E/CH MCP4716A3T-E/MAY Microchip DAC Converter 10Bit 5.5V SOT-23-6 0 0.0000
PIC18LF13K22-I/SS PIC18LF13K22-I/SS Microchip Microcontroller 8-Bit 64MHz 3.3V 20-SSOP 0 0.0000
AT24C512C-SSHM-T AT24C512C-SSHM-T Microchip EEPROM Serial-2Wire 512K-bit 3.3V 8-SOIC 0 0.0000
KSZ8081RNACA KSZ8081RNACA Microchip Ethernet Transceiver 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V 24-QFN 0 0.0000
MCP2515-I/ST MCP2515-I/ST Microchip CANbus Controller CAN 2.0 SPI Interface 5.5V 20-TSSOP 0 0.0000
MCP1541-I/TO MCP1541-I/TO Microchip V-Ref Precision 4.096V 8mA TO-92-3 0 0.0000
MCP1541T-I/TT MCP1541T-I/TT Microchip V-Ref Precision 4.096V 8mA SOT-23-3 0 0.0000