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New Japan Radio (NJR) Electronics – Active Components

NJRNJR Corporation is currently one of the most successful manufacturers of semiconductors offering a wide range of high end products for commercial and consumer applications. Their products range from professional audio to high reliability automotive products utilizing Bipolar, C-MOS, Bi-CMOS and GaAs process technologies. NJR is a certified ISO 9001 /9002 company.

New Japan Radio Company (“NJRC”) was established in 1959 as a joint venture between Japan Radio Company (“JRC”, Tokyo, Japan) and the Raytheon Company (Boston, MA, USA). JRC was established in 1915 and is known throughout the world as a pioneer in Radio and Wireless technology. NJRC has been providing semiconductor products and microwave components for over 40 years to Industrial and Consumer markets.


NJR | Ambient Light Sensors

NJR | Infrared Receivers

NJR | Infrared Transceivers (14)

NJR | Optical Switches, Reflective, Phototransistor Output

NJR | Photodiodes

NJR | Standard Clock Oscillators

NJR | VCXO Oscillators

NJR | Active Filters

NJR | Analog Switch ICs

NJR | Analog to Digital Converters - ADC

NJR | Audio Amplifiers

NJR | Audio DSPs

NJR | Audio Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers

NJR | Battery Management

NJR | Bridge Rectifiers

NJR | Buffers & Line Drivers

NJR | Bus Transceivers

NJR | Charge Pumps

NJR | Comparator ICs

NJR | Counter Shift Registers

NJR | DC/DC Switching Controllers

NJR | DC/DC Switching Converters

NJR | DC/DC Switching Regulators

NJR | Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP, DSC

NJR | Digital to Analog Converters - DAC

NJR | Display Drivers & Controllers

NJR | High Speed Operational Amplifiers

NJR | Interface - Specialized

NJR | Laser Drivers

NJR | LCD Drivers

NJR | LED Lighting Drivers

NJR | Linear Regulators - Standard

NJR | Low Dropout Regulators - LDO

NJR | Microphone Preamplifiers

NJR | Modulator / Demodulator

NJR | Motor / Motion / Ignition Controllers & Drivers

NJR | Multiplexer Switch ICs

NJR | Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps

NJR | Phase Locked Loops - PLL

NJR | Power Amplifiers

NJR | Power Driver ICs

NJR | Processors - Application Specialized

NJR | Real Time Clock

NJR | RF Amplifier

NJR | RF Mixer

NJR | RF Switch ICs

NJR | RS-232 Interface IC

NJR | Serial to Parallel Logic Converters

NJR | Soft Switching PWM Controllers

NJR | Special Purpose Amplifiers

NJR | Supervisory Circuits

NJR | Switch ICs - Various

NJR | Switching Converters, Regulators & Controllers

NJR | Telephone Ringers

NJR | Timers & Support Products

NJR | Transconductance Amplifiers

NJR | Transistors RF Bipolar Small Signal

NJR | Translation - Voltage Levels

NJR | Up-Down Converters

NJR | Video Amplifiers

NJR | Video ICs

NJR | Video Switch ICs

NJR | Voltage & Current References

NJR | Voltage Detectors / Monitors

NJR | Voltage to Frequency & Frequency to Voltage

NJR | Power & Control Sensor ICs





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