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NovaSensor / Amphenol Advanced Sensors

NovaSensorNovaSensor is considered an industry leader in developing technologies in microstructure design and production for OEM customers in the medical, automotive, industrial and consumer industries. Novasensor manufacturers High-performance MEMS Pressure Sensors for medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. Silicon, Solid State and Stainless Steel pressure sensors. The Novasensor brand has an expertise spanning three decares with shipments of more than 500 million MEMS-based sensors.

NovaSensor has been a pioneer in developing effective technologies in micromachining process design. Their primary focus is on pressure sensing and MEMS technology for the following applications:
— Medical High volume production of pressure sensors for use in products such as disposable blood pressure monitors.
— Automotive Pressure sensors for automotive applications that improve safety, comfort and performance, such as tire pressure monitoring
— Industrial Pressure sensors sold to large industrial OEMs in areas such as food processing, hydraulic monitoring, wastewater treatment and manufacturing.

NovaSensor was acquired by Amphenol Advanced Sensors. Novasensor by Amphenol Advanced Sensors offers leading sensor solutions in microelectromechanical (MEMS) Sensors. The NovaSensor MEMS product line includes the ChipCap fully calibrated humidity and temperature sensors that offer signal conditioning and temperature compensation for a single SoC solution. Their sensors line include cost effective suface mount, hybrid, and media isolated sensors applicable in not only transportation applications, but also industrial and medical applications. Amphenol Advanced Sensors alongside Power & Signal Group provides solutions to pressure sensing challenges faced by all customers in the transportation and automotive industry.