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OKI Semiconductor / LAPIS Semiconductor

OKI Semiconductor manufactures semiconductor and integrated circuit products. Oki Semiconductor (LAPIS Semiconductor) offers system designers a one-stop, total MCU solution provider a variety of General Purpose Microcontrollers, highly differentiated Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) and tailored Customer Specific Products (CSP). Oki’s Advantage MicrocontrollerTM products are based on the industry-standard ARM® architecture and are supported by the industry’s largest array of third party hardware and software development tool suppliers.

OKI Semiconductor has been acquired by ROHM Semiconductor. In 2008, as part of its business selection and concentration measures, OKI spun off its semiconductor business to Rohm Co., Ltd. Oki Semiconductor, as a member of the Rohm Semiconductor unit, complements Rohm’s offerings with LSIs and logic LSIs in a highly synergetic way.

Oki Semiconductor Co. Ltd., part of the Rohm group, has changed its company name to Lapis Semiconductor Co. Ltd. three years after it was acquired from Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd. LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures logic, memory, and display driver LSIs primarily in Japan. It offers integrated circuits, including communication, battery monitoring, speech synthesis, and video LSIs; audio LSIs for portable devices; and low power microcontrollers, ARM-based microcontrollers, memory products, display drivers, and sensors. The company’s products are used in various applications, such as mobile/network, digital household appliances, home appliances/industrial systems, automotive, information appliances, and smart and glucose meters. It also offers foundry services. LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was formerly known as OKI SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD. and changed its name to LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in August 2011.