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Carclo LED Optics

Carclo Optics LogoCarclo Optics boasts unrivalled expertise in LED optical design, development and manufacture. Carclo’s in-house dedicated team provides innovative specialist design solutions, whilst Carclo’s dedicated global manufacturing sites ensure they have a local presence on a global scale.

Carclo Optics is a special division of Carclo PLC that focuses on optical systems and moulding. Carclo PLC is a highly technical company offering disciplines in aeronautics, chemistry, electronics, mechanical, materials, and plastics engineering. Carclo Optics has always been at the leading edge of optics technology since their foundation in 1936. They boast unrivaled expertise in optical design and manufacturing and have their own optical design department with full optical and mechanical design capabilities. The synergies at Carclo provide their customers with an extensive list of technical capabilities and their global facilities meet the logistics and cost requirements of tomorrow.

Carclo Optics was originally known as Combined Optical Industries and founded by Arthur Kingston in 1936 – inventor of the plastic lens. The LED specialist team was formed in 2003 and re-branded Carclo Optics in 2012 to better portray the Company’s capabilities. Custom optics, modules and systems are created by our industry leading design experts. There is a wide range of bespoke standard optics, reflectors and holders available that are also designed by the in-house design team. Carclo Optics offer an unrivalled customer experience from concept to completion and beyond.