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SG Micro – Active Components

SG MicroSG Micro Corp. manufactures semiconductor products. The Company produces power supply monitoring and analog integrated circuits, translation chips, operational amplifiers, and other products. SG Micro supplies its products in phones, computers, digital cameras, automotive electronics, and other fields.

SG Micro (SGMICRO) specializes in high performance, high quality analog IC design, marketing and sales. SG Micro’s products have been widely used in cell phone, television, DVD player, digital camera, notebook computer, consumer electronics, automobile electronics, industrial automation, medical device, LCD display, etc.

SGMICRO’s experienced analog IC design team is the key to company’s success. Benefited from years of heavy investments in R&D and superior design expertise and capabilities, SG Micro has introduced more than 1000 analog IC products (all lead-free/RoHS and Green compliant) with high performance, high quality and excellent reliability, including 1.5GHz high-speed OPA, 500MHz low-noise OPA, high precision OPA, 300nA ultra-low power comparator, 50MHz low-noise OPA, 300mA low-power/low-noise LDO, 0.4Ω analog switch, microprocessor supervisory circuits, video buffers, white LED drivers, high-efficiency DC/DC converters, Li-Ion battery chargers, etc.

Products Categories

Analog Switch Multiplexers
Circuit Protection
Communication & Networking
Data Conversion
Logic & Timing
Power Management