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Silicon Link Power Management Semiconductor - Active Components

SiliconSilicon Link was founded in 2003 when it acquired Astec Semiconductor Division including exclusive rights to Intellectual Propery, machinery and personnel.
From then on, Silicon Link diversified into a leading design resource, test and supplier of power management semiconductors.


Silicon Link Business Products:

  • Voltage References
  • Micropower Voltage References
  • Low Dropout Voltage Regulators
  • DC DC Converters
  • Green Mode PWM Controllers
  • Current Mode PWM Controllers
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR)
  • Voltage / Current Amplifiers



Voltage References: 

Typically used in transformer secondary side regulation, voltage references provide a stable voltage or current reference over a wide range of operating conditions. We offer 2.5V and 1.24V internal voltage references with tolerances of 0.25%, 0.5%, 1% and 2%. Adjustable voltage reference can also be configured with use of external components. As for voltage regulators, we offer low dropout and adjustable versions for design flexibility. 

Micropower Voltage References: 

Similar to voltage references, Micropower Voltage Reference has lower turn-on current (10uA typ for AS1004-1.2 and 20uA typ for AS1004-2.5. It has greater accuracy at +/- 4mV (0.3% tolerance) and +/- 20mV (0.8% tolerance). These are guaranteed for operation up to 20mA and has bery low dynamic impedance.
DC DC Converters: 

DC-DC converters are available in step up and step down versions with low standby mode for power consumption. Adjustable versions available using minimal number of external components.
Green Mode PWM Controllers: 

Green Mode PWM Controllers are more energy saving compared to regular PWM controllers. The high output current drive capability of 1A combined with low start-up current (50uA typical), low operating current (6mA) and low standby power (0.5W) make it an ideal PWM Controller where high efficiency is required.
Operational Amplifiers: 

Op Amps are available as Dual or Quadruple operational amplifiers with wide supply voltage range, High gain with High-Level and Low-Level output voltage available. Low-level output voltageare typically used for TTL, MOS and CMOS versions.
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) : 

The SCR100 features a sensitive gate that allows triggering by Microcontrollers and other logic circuits. It can be driven directly by IC and MOS device.
Voltage / Current Amplifiers: 

Voltage/current amplifiers are error amplifiers that provide constant voltage/current control in one package. It eliminates the use of separate control amplifier. With an internal reference, the voltage and current loop is guaranteed to stay within limits for your battery charging applications and other requirements for constant source.
Current Mode PWM Controllers: 

The AS3842 family of control ICs provide pin-for-pin replacement of the industry standard UC2842 series of devices. AS3844/5 have exact 50% max duty cycle clamp. The AS3843/5 requires less than 0.5 mA of start-up current over the full temperature range.




 Markets: Macom's primary markets are Networks, which includes cable television, cellular backhaul, and fiber optics applications, Aerospace and Defense, which includes military communications and public safety applications , and Multi-market, which includes automotive, industrial, medical, mobile and scientific applications. MaCom Technology Solutions | RF Development Tools
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MaCom Technology Solutions | Fixed Inductors
MaCom Technology Solutions | Signal Conditioning
MaCom Technology Solutions | Silicon Capacitors
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MaCom Technology Solutions | Active Attenuator
MaCom Technology Solutions | Attenuators - ICs
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MaCom Technology Solutions | Up-Down Converters 
MaCom Technology Solutions | Varactor Diodes





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