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Stanley Electric

Stanley Electric
Stanley Electric is a global manufacturer of LED lighting. They offer a large selection of LEDs that are recognized as “the brightest in the world” featuring variety in color variations, spatial distribution, and even package styles. In addition to LEDs, Stanley manufactures other optoelectronic components, such as LCDs and CFLs that support exacting and instrumental backlighting needs on panels.

From Floodlights to Street Lamps

Stanley Electric offers a variety of lighting solutions—from their LED floodlighting, to wall-washing, high ceiling, and street applications. The Stanley LED Flood Light LEDSFOCUS series uses a combination of high powered LEDs with a sophisticated optical form. By using a narrow angle lens, simple design, efficient light distribution, lightweight and compact body, these units are cost and energy-saving.

Another lighting solution from Stanley is LED wall-washing. While conventional wall wash lighting diminishes with distance up the wall, Stanley’s wall-washing LED lighting illuminates uniformly. Whether you need to illuminate a high wall or long passage, Stanley’s flood lighting will get the job done.

In addition, Stanley also offers high ceiling lighting, which use a die cast magnesium casing that makes the lightweight. Like other Stanley lighting products, these lights are energy efficient while reducing CO2 emissions and maintenance. For outdoor lighting purposes. Stanley’s LED street lights are also an excellent option. With a high luminosity, compact construction, and energy saving  LEDs, they are a highly efficient. They also meet street lighting specifications ME 3 and ME 6 and are available in multiple colors.

Lighting Solutions

Whether you need LEDs, LCDs, or CFLs, IBS Electronics is a one-stop resource for your optoelectronic components demand. We operate a global sourcing network with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We also offer custom solutions for projects with unique specifications. Contact us today.

  • LED Device
    • Surface Mount LED
    • Through-hole LED Lamp
    • LED Light Bar Module
    • LED Numeric Display

  • Optical Sensor & Optical Device for Communication
    • Infrared Emitting Diode(IRED)
    • Photodetector
    • Optical Device for Communication
    • Optical Sensor

  • Sub Miniature Lamp (SML)
    • SML for Auto-inserting or Surface Mounting
    • Wire Terminal Lamp
    • Double Contact Neo Wedge Base Lamp
    • Double Contact Base Lamp
    • High-pressure Gas-filled Lamp
    • All Glass Wedge Base Lamp


  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL)
    • CCFL

  • LED Display
  • LCD
    • Dot Matrix Character Type
    • Dot Matrix Graphic Type
    • Custom Design LCD
  • Applied Products





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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
DN1102W-TR STANLEY DN1102W-TR LED IrLED 850nm 2-Pin SMD 0 0.0400
PY1111C-TR STANLEY PY1111C-TR LED Uni-Color Yellow Green 570nm 2-Pin SMD T/R 0 0.1000
PG5385X Stanley PG5385X LED Uni-Color Green 560nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 Bulk 0 0.1000
MPY4868K STANLEY MPY4868K LED Uni-Color Yellow Green 570nm 2-Pin RoHS 0 0.4000
FA5365S Stanley FA5365S LED Uni-Color Orange 5mm 5V 50mA 609nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 200 0.5200
AY3822K-0A1 Stanley AY3822K-0A1 LED Uni-Color Yellow 580nm 2-Pin ROHS 200 0.3300
VRPG4607K STANLEY VRPG4607K LED Bi-Color Green/Red 560nm/630 0 0.1700
PY1101F-TR PY1101F-TR Stanley Standard LEDs 570NM 2-SMD 0 2.0000
MAA3338S Stanley MAA3338S LED Uni-Color Orange 605nm 2-Pin T-1 0 0.0000
AA1112H-TR AA1112H-TR Stanley Electric LED Uni-Color Orange 605nm 2-Pin T/R 0 0.0900
MBG2262S MBG2262S Stanley LED Green 2.1V 20mA 555nm 2-Pin 0 0.0000
AYPG1211F AYPG1211F Stanley LED GRN/YLW DIFF 2SMD R/A 0 0.0000
AYPG1211F-TR AYPG1211F-TR Stanley LED Lighting 2.2V 2SMD 0 0.0000
AY1112H-TR AY1112H-TR STANLEY LED Uni-Color Yellow 580nm 2-SMD 0 0.0000
CRGB1314ASE-TR CRGB1314ASE-TR Stanley Tri-Color LED 6-SMD 0 0.0000
CRGB1314ASE-500-TR CRGB1314ASE-500-TR Stanley Tri-Color LED 6-SMD 0 0.0000
CRGB1318FSE-TM CRGB1318FSE-TM Stanley Tri-Color LED 6-SMD 0 0.0000
FKY3C64X-H FKY3C64X-H Stanley LED Yellow 590nm 2.3V Radial 0 0.0000
VFHY1112H-3BY2D-TR VFHY1112H-3BY2D-TR Stanley Yellow LED 1.9V 20mA SMD 0805 0 0.0000