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Tamura Transformer – Passive Components

Tamura Transformer
From the foundation of Tamura Corporation in 1924 to this present day and age in which they find themselves expanding our operations into evermore global fields, the mission of their group has not changed. They will always strive to contribute to society by producing excellent products.

Tamura Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of magnetic components and power supplies in the world, including audio and signal transformers, linear and switching power supplies, transformers, current sensors, and Hall Effect sensors. Tamura Corporation has a long-standing commitment to quality. It is their goal to uphold the highest standards at all Tamura locations from design to production. To meet this objective, they strive to produce an environment of continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of service, performance in design, durability in manufacturing, and on time delivery.

Tamura Products

Electronic Components

  • Transformers
    • Pulse Transformers
    • Audio Transformers
    • Telecom Transformers
    • Communication Transformers
    • Hybrid Coil
    • Power Transformers
    • Reactor
    • Switch Mode Power Transformers
    • Vacuum Tube Type Power Supply Transformers
  • Current Sensors
  • Power Supplies
    • Switching Power Supplies
    • Power Supplies Unit
    • AC Adaptors
    • DCDC Converters
    • Isolation Amplifiers
  • Power Supplies
    • Piezoelectric Ceramics for High Power Applications
    • Piezoelectric Ceramic Transformer (SOLIDFORMER®)
    • Piezoelectric Inverter New Control IC (with TH20)
    • High Voltage Power Supplies
    • Ultrasonic Transducers
    • Bolt-clamped Langevin Type Transducer
    • Bimorph Type Transducer, Sensor
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Thermal Cutoffs(Anzen Dengu Co., Ltd.)

Electro Chemical Materials/Soldering System

  • Electro Chemical Materials
  • Reflow Soldering System
  • Wave Soldering System
  • System Related to Semiconductors
  • FA Requirements

Broadcast Equipment/Wireless Intercom System

  • Audio Mixing Console
  • Audio Mixer
  • izm Series
    • Digital Portable Mixer
    • Digital Audio Recorder
    • Vacuum Tube Pre-Amp
    • System Controller
    • Serial Remote Controller
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Studio Monitor Speaker
  • Wireless Intercom System
  • Wireless Microphone System
    • Network Equipment/Wireless Equipment
    • Network Equipment
    • Analog Modem
    • Wireless Equipment




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