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Unitrode – Texas Instruments

Unitrode designs and manufactures analog/linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits, modules, and non-volatile products, principally to perform power management, portable power, and interface functions. Its products, branded under Unitrode and Benchmarq, are sold throughout the world for a variety of computer, tele- and data- communications, defense/aerospace, industrial, and automotive applications.

Unitrode’s products include:

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)
Analog & Mixed Signal
 – Amplifiers and Linear
 – Data Converters
 – Interface Products
 – Power Management
 – Audio
 – Clocks and Timers
 – Control and Monitoring
 – RF
 – Wireless and Telecom
 – Video and Imaging

 – Programmable Logic
 – FIFOs
Broadband Solutions
Wireless Solutions
DLP™ – DMD Discovery™
Space Products

Texas Instruments Inc., acquired Unitrode Corp. for $1.2 billion in stock in 1999.