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Vivid Semiconductor

Vivid Semiconductor, Inc. produces active-matrix liquid crystal display column (AM-LCD) driver electronics. The company offers VS3300, VS3312, VS3484, VS3384, VS3184, VS3684, and VS3284 target panel resolutions for AM-LCD notebook applications; and VS3984 and VS3884 target panel resolutions for AM-LCD Monitors. The company offers its products in North America through distributors.

Vivid Semiconductor, Inc. was acquired by National Semiconductor Corporation.
As pioneering chip maker, National Semiconductor was one of the companies that put “Silicon” in Silicon Valley. Now the company does business as Silicon Valley Analog (SVA) and is a division of Texas Instruments (TI). TI SVA offers a variety of integrated circuits, especially analog and mixed-signal (which blends analog and digital functions) chips. TI SVA’s chips are used in wireless, networking, medical, solar, automotive, and industrial applications. National Semiconductor has been a part of TI since 2011.