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Yamaha Semiconductor

Yamaho LogoYamaha Corporation, one of Japan’s most diversified companies, is the world’s largest maker of musical instruments, including pianos and keyboards, wind instruments, string and percussion instruments, and digital musical instruments. Since 1950 the company has also become a major producer of audio products, semiconductors and other electronics products, furniture, sporting goods, and specialty metals. Yamaha also runs music schools in Japan and 40 other countries, owns and operates a string of resorts located throughout Japan, and holds a 33 percent stake in the separately managed Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd., the world’s second largest producer of motorcycles, and a producer as well of boats, snowmobiles, golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, engines, and industrial robots. Nearly three-fourths of Yamaha Corporation’s net sales are derived from its musical instrument and audio products operations.

Yamaha offers Audio LSI (synthesizers and audio DSP), GDC (graphic controllers), Audio (DSP, Codec, class-D amplifiers) and
Sensors (geomagnetic sensors, electrostatic capacitive touch sensors, and gesture sensors. Yamaha ended its business in music chips in 2012 and shifted its focus to the production of geomagnetic sensors. Yamaha Kagoshima Semiconductor Inc. manufactures LSI’s for semiconductor applications. Yamaha Kagoshima Semiconductor Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Yamaha Corp. Yamaha Kagoshima Semiconductor, since its establishment in 1987, has played an important role in Yamaha’s business as a semiconductor manufacturing base in Japan. Beginning in 2012, Yamaha focused its production on geomagnetic sensors, which are its principal products in this business, and responded to the global market needs by supplying the expanding markets for smartphones and other products.