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Advanced Interconnections

Advanced Interconnections
Advanced Interconnections Corp. is an ISO 9001 Certified designer and manufacturer of electronic interconnect solutions with technologically advanced features. Advanced Interconnections’ innovative designs offer high reliability in development, test, validation, and production level device-to-board and board-to-board applications.

Since 1982, Advanced Interconnections has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, technologically advanced interconnect solutions. From Advanced Interconnections’ earliest invention of the first removable terminal carrier, Peel-A-Way&reg, to Advanced Interconnections’ rugged, high density B2B&reg SMT Connectors, Advanced Interconnections’ designs are used in electronic applications around the world including telecommunications, military, automotive development, high-end computer servers, portable medical equipment, and more.

Advanced Interconnections combines 30 years of innovative design engineering experience with an extensive Tool Box of in-house technologies and components to create customized solutions for high reliability electronic applications.


IC Sockets

  • -CPU/Processor Sockets
  • -DIP/SIP
  • -Interposers & Adapters
  • -PLCC Sockets
  • -Test Sockets

Other Connectors

  • -Pogo or Spring Pins/Probes

Printed Circuit Board

  • -Headers/Sockets
  • -High Reliability
  • -Stacking/Mezzanine Connectors