Automotive Electronic Components

car revolution countersAEC-Q100 and Q200 certificated parts are guaranteed enhanced levels of module and component survivability in automotive environments. As the automotive industry evolves, implementing next-generation technologies, the requirements for these certification standards will continue to grow.

Automakers must ensure their vehicles utilize electronic components that meet stringent quality standards and are compliant with the safety regulations of host countries or target markets. The AEC-Q200 qualification is the global standard for stress resistance that all passive electronic components must meet if they are intended for use within the automotive industry. AEC-Q100 is a failure mechanism-based stress test qualification for packaged integrated circuits used in automotive applications. This specification defines qualification requirements and procedures for packaged integrated circuits used in the automotive industry. An AEC-Q100-qualified device means that the device has passed the specified stress tests and guarantees a certain level of quality/reliability. Parts are deemed to be AEC-Q200 qualified if they have passed the stringent testing as outlined within the standards. The AEC-Q100 is defined by the Automotive Electronics Council as a “Stress Test for Qualification for Integrated Circuits.”

IBS Electronics distributes automotive electronic components. Over the past decades, we have built solid relationships with automotive electronic component manufacturers. IBS Electronics has the far reach and sources to supply the automotive electronic components your production line is struggling to find. IBS Electronics is a global distributor of electronic components. For over three decades, we have been aggressively committed to quality assurance, integrity, and service.

CHIPS Act of 2022

In July 2022, Congress passed the CHIPS Act of 2022 to strengthen domestic semiconductor manufacturing, design and research, fortify the economy and national security, and reinforce America’s chip supply chains.

Also known as “CHIPS-plus” or “Chips and Science Act” includes about $52 billion in funding for U.S. companies producing computer chips and a provision that offers a tax credit for investment in chip manufacturing.

Major semiconductor associations including the Semiconductor Industry Association and SEMI praised the Act “The bill would spur hundreds of billions of dollars in private semiconductor investments in America, create hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs and ensure our country has the chips it needs for critical defense applications and sectors of the economy,” said SIA CEO John Neuffer in a statement.

Semiconductors are essential to nearly every sector of the economy, including aerospace, automobiles, communications, clean energy, information technology, and medical devices. Big chip manufacturers have been planning to add and expand fabs in anticipation of government incentives. GlobalFoundries is doing a $1 billion addition in Malta, NY. TSMC is already building a $12 billion facility in Arizona. Samsung plans a $17 billion fab outside Austin, while dangling the possibility of nearly $200 billion in the future. And Intel announced a plan for a $20 billion fab complex in Ohio.

CoilMaster : Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies

Deloitte-Fast 500 Asia Pacific RankingCoilMaster Ltd. Co. was ranked 252nd of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking; A global platform of recognition of the fastest growing companies in the region which is ranked by a Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, known as Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting service firms and the second largest professional service network in the world.

CoilMaster is a manufacturer of inductors, transformer chokes, fixed inductors including wire-wound surface mount device (SMD) power, current toroid, shielded, multilayer, radial, high frequency, ferrite and chip. CoilMaster is thrilled to be recognized by Deloitte for the company’s growth, all driven by customers, partners, team and their collective passion to build a platform to change how brands interact with consumers.

After developing the innovation line, the power inductor production efficiency has been improved by 15 times, CoilMaster produce 2 million power inductors a month. With the surge in demand for power inductors for TVs, CoilMaster plans to actively respond to the smartphone market by expanding their monthly production capacity of 60 million units to 100 million units in the new year.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific is the preeminent technology awards program in Asia Pacific. It includes ten Asia Pacific locations: Australia; China (including Hong Kong); India; Indonesia; Japan; South Korea; Malaysia; New Zealand; Singapore and Taiwan. Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth, Technology Fast 500 companies—large, small, public, and private—span a variety of sectors, and are leaders in software and hardware tech sectors, media, communications and life sciences and emerging areas, such as clean technology. These companies are transforming the way business is done today.

High power ELCON connectors

ELCON-connectorsTE Connectivity’s ELCON High Power Connectors provide high current per contact and support different currents with multiple combinations of different size wire and various configurations. For years, TE Connectivity has pioneered the development of new power interconnect technologies. As the industry leader in Power Interconnects, TE Connectivity produces power connectors used in laptops through super computers, automobiles, telecommunications base stations, consumer appliances, power utility, industrial controls, locomotives and many other applications. Through its Elcon line of power connectors, TE Connectivity offers world leading technologies in high current, hot plug power interconnect systems for a wide array of high-reliability, high-availability mission critical applications. Either through one of the many standard Elcon products or an application-specific design, Tyco Electronics can meet practically any high current interconnection requirement for power delivery systems where 100% availability and reliability is a must and not an option.

ELCON drawer interconnects are proven high-power drawer connectors that offer ultimate customization for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and wire-to-busbar configurations at up to 200A per contact. TE Connectivity’s extensive portfolio features different housing and contact options to mix-and-match to create the right solution for virtually any power drawer need. TE Connectivity’s ELCON power connectors feature a small form-factor and support higher currents than similar sized solutions. These power interconnects provide confidence in system performance with their low resistance and highly reliable interface.


  • Data communications
  • Wireless
  • Data centers including OCP switches
  • High performance computing
  • Storage
  • Industrial power
  • Commercial and higher-power appliances
  • Any low-profile power distribution units requiring small form factor connector with high current

China lockdowns: A nightmare for supply chain

The entire supply chain is under tremendous stress. China’s aggressive zero Covid policy to stop the spread of the virus often results in weeks long factory shutdowns and hampers shipping of manufactured goods through affected areas. One in five container ships is now stuck at ports worldwide, with 30% of the backlog coming from China.

In the 1990s, companies pursued outsourcing, offshoring, and lean manufacturing to cut costs, retain market position, or gain competitive advantage. China emerged as a major manufacturing hub to serve global markets. As cases continue to climb and lockdowns disruptions extend; damage to supply chain efficiency is already evident. Some shipping companies earlier this month noted a 30% drop.

Supply chain disruptions could delay smartphone, PC, and automotive releases later in the year, as well as shrink device output as supplies run out.

Even when the lockdown does lift and logistics come back online in full, supply chains face fresh headaches as they all vie for supplies at the same time. If strict lockdowns in China are lifted, U.S. ports may be slammed with a wave of pent-up cargo from newly reopened factories in China.

Geehy Semiconductor

GeehyGeehy Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Microelectronics, formerly known as the R&D department for IoT chip of Apex, whose headquarter is Ninestar Corporation (stock code: 002180). It started as a research and development department of IoT Apex chips. Geehy is now known as a professional supplier of products and solutions for industrial-grade universal microcontrollers, BLE SoC and leading SoC-eSE security systems for IoT. The company strives to provide the highest quality products and services in the areas of industrial management, consumer electronics, medical equipment, smart home and automotive applications.

With 20 years of experience in IC chip design, Geehy is a professional manufacturer of products and solutions for the industrial grade general MCU, BLE, SoC, and domestic leading IIoT security SoC. Geehy is committed to providing higher quality products and services in the fields of industrial control, consumer electronics, medical equipment, smart home, and automobile application. Geehy is equipped with first class R&D design, a full range of software and hardware design services, and complete encryption engine platform. Geehy has established R&D centers in Zhuhai, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and North Carolina in the United States. Geehy always adhere to Market Demand-Oriented, technological innovations as the core. Focusing on providing users with higher quality chips, solutions, and differentiated services, as well as endeavors to build an intelligent and secure new ecosystem for the development of IoT.

During the global crisis of electronic components, IBS Electronics strives to meet the needs of consumers with the highest quality goods and services in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the cooperation with Geehy, our customers have the opportunity to place orders for analogues of STMicroelectronics microcontrollers. For a detailed list of direct replacements of STM microcontrollers with Geehy products contact our sale offices.

More Supply Chain Disruptions

Most businesses favor a “just in time” inventory system, where businesses keep just enough supplies on hand to meet demand. The strategy frees up cash and avoids waste. But it means there isn’t as much flexibility when circumstances change. There may be more pain to come even as distributors and chip makers step up to meet supply challenges.

Longer lead times and availability of inventory have been the biggest pandemic related supply chain impacts. The pandemic related disruptions in supply chains have causing significant delays. Supply chain disruptions have become a major challenge for the global economy since the start of the pandemic. Shutdowns of factories in China, lockdowns in several countries across the world, labor shortages, robust demand for tradable goods, disruptions to logistics networks, and capacity constraints have resulted in big increases in freight costs and delivery times.

Your continued success, even during the global impact of the pandemic, remains paramount as we are fully operational at all locations. The entire IBS Electronics global team is working tirelessly to provide the world’s broadest selection of electronic components in stock and available. We have partnered with customers all over the world who are adapting and innovating with solutions positively impacting the frontlines during this crisis.

We do not anticipate any supply chain disruptions due to the conflict in Ukraine. None of our suppliers are anticipating any supply chain disruptions.

Panjit Launches New Bridge Rectifier DXK Package

Panjit New Bridge Rectifier DXK PackagePanjit International introduces a new bridge package, DXK package, with 2A to 8A, 1000V standard type diode rectifiers which has the best performance of forward surge current and lowest reverse leakage to apply on AC-DC circuit. Optimize die bond and soldering parameters during the smart manufacturing line to enhance the best efficiency for the system. In input primary bridge applications, Panjit’s 1000V bridge diodes achieve low conduction losses thanks to very low forward voltage characteristics.


  • AEC-Q101C qualified
  • Ideal for printed circuit boards
  • Lead free in compliance EU RoHS 2.0
  • Halogen-Free according to IEC61249
  • DXK package

Panjit DXK Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers feature an impressive performance of forward surge current and low reverse leakage to apply on AC-DC circuits. These rectifiers are AEC-Q101C qualified, lead-free in compliance with EU RoHS 2.0, and Halogen-Free according to IEC61249. The DXK package bridge rectifiers are 2A to 8A and 1000V standard type diode rectifiers that are ideal for printed circuit boards. Typical applications include USB PD and NB adapter (<65W), monitor power adapter (<100W), consumer power (<150W), and quick charger (>45W).


  • USB PD and NB adapter (<65W)
  • Monitor power adapter (<100W)
  • Consumer power (<150W)
  • Quick charger (>45W)

BAV99 in Different Varieties by Diotec Semiconductor

diotecThe BAV99 device is a 3-pin steering diode that has small forward voltage, large breakdown voltage, and low capacitance. The BAV99 is a widely used small signal device in dual diode configuration. Its two diodes in series can be used for any kind of signal processing, and two parts can even form a bridge for high speed full wave rectifying. As different as the applications are the requirements on such device: High volume consumer devices require only low voltage levels, but especially low BOM costs. Industrial applications need higher power and voltage ratings, e. g. at 24 V industrial control units. Battery powered electronics must be operated with lowest possible leakage currents to allow for long stand-by times. In addition, parts might need full AEC-Q101 qualification, in case of automotive use.


  • Fast switching speed
  • High conductance
  • Surface mount package ideally suited for automatic insertion
  • Connected in series
  • AEC-Q101 qualified available
  • RoHS-compliant

Diotec offers the BAV99 series from now on in different varieties, perfectly matching your particular needs:

  • The BAV99-C in commercial grade, rather cost attractive and offering 70 V / 2.5 µA / 225 mW
  • The industrial grade BAV99, having 85 V / 1 µA / 350 mW
  • The AEC-Q101 qualified BAV99-AQ, again with 85 V / 1 µA / 350 mW
  • The “high end” voltage version BAV99L, with 100 V / 1 µA / 350 mW
  • The “low leakage” varieties BAV199 and BAV199-AQ, offering 85 V / 5 nA / 350 mW

Diotec Semiconductor AG company was founded in Heitersheim, Germany. Since the very beginning, it has dealt with manufacturing rectifying diodes and bridges. It is a renowned and recognized European brand. For more than 40 years, Diotec has been active in this highly competitive market. Innovations and customer service are the basis of their success.

Viking’s Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistor

Viking TechOne of the most significant market drivers in the resistor industry currently is the need for pulse withstanding resistors. In some cases, design rules or time constraints may require the design engineer to overdesign his circuit to accommodate a pulse event. In many other cases, selecting the correct pulse withstanding resistor presents an opportunity to reduce size, weight and cost of a design. It is important that design engineers dealing with surge events understand the significant difference between pulse voltage withstanding and pulse power withstanding resistors. Applications vary from line protection for telecommunications
to surge withstanding resistors for use in circuit breakers.

Surge/Pulse protection is essential for all circuit designs. PWR series, size from 0402-2512, Tolerance 0.5%-5%, 1 Ohm-20 Mohm. High power is available. It has outstanding pulse load capability, the superior pulse withstanding resistor is suitable for protection of electronic circuits against extreme pulses. Resistors withstand the pulse is required in the circuit where large current is instantaneously applied. Pulse means the overload of large power and with long duration (large energy) Anti-pulse resistors are prevent the damage even if large power is instantaneously applied Pulse means the overload of large power and with long duration (large energy) Anti-pulse resistors are prevent the damage even if large power is instantaneously applied


Tolerance from ±0.5%~5%.
High power rating.
Excellent pulse withstanding performance.
Improved working voltage ratings.
Standard package sizes of 0402~2512.
AEC-Q200 Compliance.


Metering (Testing/Measurement)
Diagnostic Equipment
Medical Devices
Industrial Controls
LCD Video Monitors

Based in Taiwan, Viking Tech is one of the prime Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistor manufacturers since 1997. And their products are used throughout automotive, electronic device applications, with manufacturing tolerance down to 0.01% and TCR down to 2 ppm in a broad range of package sizes.

TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 and meet AEC-Q200 standards, Viking has been offering anti-sulfur, anti-surge, pulse, high voltage, high power precision resistors including thin/ thick film resistors, automotive resistors, melf resistors, current sense resistors, etc. Low noise, low TC, high power inductors such as rf inductors, chip inductors, power inductors, variable inductors, ferrite chip inductors, shielded inductors, wire wound inductors and dip inductors.