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For nearly a century BURNDY® Products has followed one direction – to develop and manufacture a quality line of electrical connectors and installation tooling that fills the broadest needs of our industry. This determination has established BURNDY® Products as a leader in the design and development of new products to keep pace with the everyday changes in conductor and application variations.

BURNDY® Products, located in Manchester, NH, is part of the fourth largest connector manufacturer in the world, and provides reliable connection systems and solutions to the telecommunications, data, industrial and instrumentation, and energy industries.  Exceptional customer service, the industry’s highest quality products, and continuous innovation are the things that BURNDY® Products prides itself on providing.  We have a wide range of tooling for all your connector needs and an electrical connector to meet every one of your power requirements.  Connectors are available for splicing, tapping, terminating, for conducting or grounding with system-designed tools for application by battery, hydraulic, mechanical or powder actuation. With superior manufacturing technology, BURNDY® Products can create and build any custom connector for our valued customer with our advanced engineering support teams.  With over 80 years of dedicated customer support in both service and product, our customers need to look no further than BURNDY® Products for all their connector needs.

For decades BURNDY® has been supplying products and solutions to meet stringent requirements from grounding products to connectors, installation tooling and accessories. If you are looking for reliability, quality, dependability and inspect ability, BURNDY® has the long standing history and commitment to providing solutions that you can depend on. BURNDY® is known industry wide for meeting the demanding conditions not only required by the installers but for their ability to stand the test of time in its operation.

BURNDY® has manufacturing facilities in Lincoln & Littleton New Hampshire, Bethel Connecticut, Toluca Mexico and Sao Paulo Brazil.


  • Burndy, Battery Tools
  • Burndy, Cable Ties
  • Burndy, Cable Ties
  • Burndy, Clamps – Dead Ending
  • Burndy, Coax Fitting
  • Burndy, Compounds & Sealants – Anti-Condensation,
  • Burndy, Connectors – Clamp Type (Electric)
  • Burndy, Connectors – Molded Rubber
  • Burndy, Connectors – Split Bolt
  • Burndy, Connectors – Telecommunications
  • Burndy, Connectors and Fittings – Substation
  • Burndy, Grounding – Clamps, Fittings & Rods
  • Burndy, Grounding – Clamps, Fittings & Rods
  • Burndy, Hydraulic Tools
  • Burndy, Lineman’s Tools
  • Burndy, Lugs, Cable
  • Burndy, Portable Tools
  • Burndy, Terminations and Splices – 601 Volts and A
  • Cable – Grips
  • Cable Installation Equipment
  • Connectors
  • Hand Tools
  • Insulators and Hardware
  • Substations – High Voltage

Markets Served

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Utility
  • Government
  • International
  • Data Communications
  • OEM
  • Manufactured Structures
  • Integrated Supply
  • Retail

Featured Products:

  • BURNDY Unitap Connectors

    The Ultimate Connectors For Below-Grade and Underwater Applications: Direct Burial UNITAP Connectors From BURNDY

    With a submersion rating under UL 486D, BURNDY Direct Burial UNITAP™ Connectors can be installed in below-grade applications—such as light pole bases or underground tunnels—that may have a tendency to flood. They can also be used in underwater applications without the need for secondary or special sealing or taping.


    VERSIPOLE Power Distribution Blocks from BURNDY

    BURNDY VERSIPOLE™ Power Distribution Blocks from Burndy are dual rated for use with both copper and aluminum conductors. For the ultimate in versatility, this product is available in three different sizes to meet a wide variety of application spaces and amperages. 

  • Burndy YGL-C cross connector

    BURNDY HYGROUND Irreversible Compression Grounding

    BURNDY Products’ HYGROUND Irreversible Grounding System provides electrical contractors with a safer, faster and more cost-effective solution.


    BURNDY SUPER-CLAMP Raised Floor Pedestal Ground Connector

    The SUPER-CLAMP is a versatile, easy to install ground connector that accepts a wide range of pedestals and conductors. The SUPER-CLAMP can accommodate one or two wires which can be arranged in a parallel or cross grid configuration.


    Connecting Power for a Variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

    BURNDY YAD lugs are especially suitable for OEMs and large lug users such as locomotive, generator and transformer facilities.

  • Burndy FORCEGAUGE 12-15

    Make Sure Connectors Are Properly Crimped – Each and Every Time

    Whether you’re in the field or the lab, now there’s a reliable way to make sure your 12- or 15-ton Burndy tool is supplying sufficient crimp force to connectors: the FORCEGAUGE 12-15 from Burndy and Graybar.

  • Burndy PATRIOT® High Performance PAT750-LI

    Advanced Technology and Enhanced Design Create a Faster, More Reliable Crimper

    Graybar and Burndy® introduce the PATRIOT® High Performance PAT750-LI, the new generation of PATRIOT® battery-actuated, hydraulic self-contained, 12-ton crimping tools.

  • Burndy Patriot Crimp Tool 2

    BURNDY Tools

    BURNDY Products’ complete line of battery-actuated PATRIOT Tools are proven to crimp and cut faster, and deliver more cycles per fully charged battery – giving you a lower overall installed cost and helping you complete the job on schedule.

  • Burndy Smart Cart 3

    BURNDY Material Handling

    The BURNDY SmartCart wire management system will assist the electrical contractor with wire installations, improve wire storage and will save time and labor.