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Cytec manufactures CONAP® polyurethane and epoxy potting compounds and polyurethane and acrylic conformal coatings for electronic and electrical applications. Cytec’s global sales and technical service network supports a wide range of UL, IPC and MILSPEC approved products, including recognition to UL 94 V-0, UL 94 5VA, and UL RTI 120° C. Our products meet the requirements of the RoHS directive.

Cytec Product Families
Electrical & Electronic Systems

Encapsulants / Potting Compounds
2-Part Epoxy Kits (Hand-Mix)
2-Part Epoxy (Bulk)

Conformal Coatings

(Acrylic & Polyurethane)
Tooling Resin

(Laminating Resin, Casting Compound, Elastomers)

Adhesives & Sealants

Polyurethane Sealants
Filtration Adhesives / Sealants
EASYPOXY® Adhesives / Sealants


Adhesive Remover
Mold Release

One of the pioneers and leading manufacturers of polyurethane and epoxy resin systems is Cytec Industries Inc. These products are manufactured since 1958 and are known as CONAP products. Cytec has been providing high quality products that serve electrical, electronics, aerospace, defense, biomedical, automotive, and related industries. Designed formulations for a wide range of applications have been provided to the customers for meeting the quality standards and performance. The diverse range of the Cytec products offer innovative solutions for important and specific functions of various industries.

Cytec products could be used for various applications including potting and encapsulation of cable and seals, connectors, printed circuitry, harness breakouts, cables, watertight electrical connectors and other electrical components. The CONAP products are extensively used in appliances, transportation, communication and defense industries.