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Desco – Chemical Components

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Desco has been a leader in providing innovative solutions for the control of ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD) in industrial and office environments for more than a decade. Desco distributors offer a complete systems approach and will assist you in arranging for complete site surveys and training seminars.

Delta Electrical Specialty Company (DESCO), incorporated in 1956, originally manufactured and sold a continuity/voltage tester called the Circuitracer. In 1979 the parent company of Desco Industries Inc. (DII) was established. The same basic design used for the original Circuitracer is still manufactured today and is offered through the Menda brand. Desco is the flagship brand that has been supplying top quality ESD control products to the electronics market for 25 years.

Desco Brands.


Menda brand pumps are the most used liquid dispensers in the Electronics industry.
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Protektive Pak

Protektive Pak focuses on ESD material handling and ESD packaging solutions.
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SCS expands Desco’s footprint in the growing ESD industry.