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EpoxySet is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of formulated adhesives & potting compounds. Types of adhesives include electrically & thermally conductive, optical product, high temperature, one component, fast cure, medical grade, low expansion & die-attach adhesives. Types of grease include silicone, non silicone, high temperature & conductive thermal grease. Epoxies, putty, encapsulants & underfills are also available. Industries served include electronic & microelectronic, medical, semiconductor, fiber optics & aerospace. RoHS compliant.

Epoxyset’s product line includes epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone adhesives and encapsulating compounds. These come in a wide variety of configurations, including thermally conductive, electrically conductive, high-temperature, low-expansion and chemically resistant grades.

High-temperature adhesives for aerospace applications
Epoxyset manufactures several adhesives that can withstand temperatures of more than 300°C. These high-temperature adhesives come with several performance attributes, including thermally conductive adhesives, optically clear adhesives and flame retardant.

High-temperature products offer solutions for a range of applications. The high temperature epoxies come in one and two-component systems, with one-component adhesives providing ease of use and a shelf-life of more than three months.

Electrically conductive adhesives for EMI / RFI shielding
Electrically conductive epoxy adhesives are used for a variety of applications in the aerospace industry, including EMI / RFI shielding, solder replacement, die attach, grounding, PCB repair, gasket sealing, wire tacking, flip chip underfills, glob-top and small encapsulating applications.

Epoxyset’s EPOXIOHM series of products have low stress, high conductivity and low outgassing properties.

The company is currently researching and developing adhesives using carbon nano-particles, which can give sufficient conductivity at lower prices. The majority of the electrically conductive epoxies are silver filled.

Aerospace electronic components
Epoxyset adhesives and encapsulating compounds go through stringent testing and meet MIL-STD 883 / 5011 standards. Adhesives have also passed Nasa outgassing requirements.

Premixed and frozen packaging for aerospace products
Epoxyset specialises in premixed and frozen (PMF) products, which are regularly used in the aerospace components industry.

During the PMF process, two or one-component systems are accurately weighed, mixed and packaged in disposable syringes or cartridges. These are then kept frozen at -40°C and shipped in dry ice.

PMF allows users to focus on manufacturing and not adhesive processing.

Structural adhesives for bonding, potting, filling and repair applications
One and two-component structural epoxy and urethane adhesives have been developed for aerospace bonding, potting, filling and repair applications.

These are high-performance systems that can be used in low and high viscosities. Specific grades meet Nasa low outgassing specifications and comply with UL 94V-0 flame retardant requirements.

The systems are used to bond dissimilar substrates and resist temperature cycling, with high peel strength and superior crack-resistance.

Low expansion adhesives for aerospace guidance systems
Aerospace components are subjected to extreme conditions, including temperature swings, extremely high pressure and exposure to oil and fuels.

Every substance expands and contracts during these condition changes, especially temperature.

Epoxyset has a complete line of low-expansion adhesives that have extremely low CTE values and are used in aerospace guidance systems. They do not crack under thermal cycles, create very high bond strengths and are chemically resistant to oils, fuel and steam.