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EVO-Bond Adhesive

EVO-BOND can bond a whole variety of materials as long as at least one of the surfaces has some degree of porosity. It can be used as a sealer, a primer, a surface coat or an admixture. EVO-BOND is A polyvinyl acetate based universal adhesive and sealer for the building and construction industries. Ideal for plasterers, joiners, brick layers, painters and decorators.

•For bonding soft and hardwood timbers, plywood, block board, chip board and fire board.
•For bonding cellular plastic such as insulating boards made from foamed polyurethane, expanded polystyrene, phenolic or isocyanate foams.
•For bonding asbestos cement sheet, brick, concrete, slate, stone, glass, ceramic tiles, painted steel, aluminum, paper, cloth, leather and other fabrics.
•As a tie coat for repairing cement based surfaces such as cracked or chipped floors, walls, steps.
•As a sealer for floors and a primer for porous substrates.
•As an additive for sand/cement slurry for filling cracks and other small repairs.
•As an additive for wood dust for patching up surface defects in wood.

Evo-Bond PVA building adhesive is a versatile product suitable for a variety of applications, including bonding, priming and as admixtures. Evo-Bond PVA may also be used as a dust sealer.