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Momentiveā„¢ GE Construction Sealants are high quality silicone based weatherseal, structural glazing, and coating systems. They provide the two most critical attributes of effective weathersealing products: long-term efficacy in sealing out air and water, and the ability to withstand weather and atmospheric conditions without degradation. In addition, they provide the outstanding weather-resistance, durability, adhesion, and high movement properties typical of silicone sealants, and are an ideal choice for a wide range of weatherproofing applications. Key applications for Momentiveā„¢ GE Construction Sealants include expansion and control joints in buildings and facades, window and door perimeters, smoke and fire control, parking decks, and architectural wall coatings. GE sealant products address a wide variety of the ever-inventive, increasingly demanding architecture found around the world. Outstanding durability, flexibility, and movement capability are fundamental to the high performance of GE sealants.

Momentive was formed in 2006 by the sale of General Electric Advanced Materials business to Apollo Management LP.