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ITW Polymers Coatings North America – Chemical Components

ITW Polymers

ITW Polymers Coatings North America

ITW Polymers Coatings North America | Manufactures epoxy grouting compounds, anti-slip floor and deck coatings, epoxy and silicone potting materials, composite pipe repair systems, MarineTex ® and adhesives. 60 years of research and experience in various fields provide the resources needed to remain on the leading edge of polymer technology.

ITW Polymers Coatings North America is a grouping of ITW business units that focus on providing solutions to customers who use polymer materials. Six decades of research and experience in various fields provide us with the resources to remain on the leading edge of technology. 




    Industrial Coatings

    AMERICAN SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES - is the worldwide leader in the manufacture of anti-slip floor and deck systems for marine and industrial applications.

    Commercial Products astantislip.com

    Military Marine Products itwast.com

    RESIN TECHNOLOGIES - specializing in IMPAX Industrial Floor Coatings, CWC Industrial Grouts and Super Alloy Repair products.


    FUTURA® COATINGS - specializes in developing and manufacturing high performance coatings, elastomers and structural resins.


    POLYSPEC® - a manufacturer of high performance coatings, linings, flooring, sealants and marine decking.


    Potting & Encapsulants

    INSULCAST® manufactures a complete line of standard and specialty epoxies and silicones designed for potting or encapsulating a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment.


    Marine Products

    Chockfast Shipbuilding & Repair Compounds - Proven Products from the organization that developed CHOCKFAST ORANGE® the reliable, poured-in-place, epoxy resin chocking system used to install more than 40,000 main propulsion engines... plus auxiliaries over a 40 year period.


    Marine Tex® epoxy systems repair, bond and fill fiberglass, aluminum, plastics such as PVC, ABS, polyethylene (Starboard® Marine Building Sheet), inflatables, glass, masonry, ceramics, wood, dissimilar materials and more! Dependable high-strength epoxy products, coupled with a knowledgeable technical staff provide the confidence to tackle almost any project.


    Foundation Systems

    CHOCKFAST® manufactures specialized industrial grouts, polymers and foundation systems. Chockfast epoxy grouting and chocking compounds enhance performance and lower operating costs. Improving equipment mean time before failure with Chockfast polymer concrete and epoxy anchoring system from ITW Polymers Coatings North America.


    ESCOWELD® Epoxy Grout Systems are primarily used with rotating machinery and equipment in industrial process industries where performance and operating reliability are crucial.


    CWC Grout Industrial heavy machinery epoxy grouting systems and epoxy chocking compounds are designed to resist vibration, chemical attack, high torque loads and stresses associated with heavy equipment installations.


    Wind Energy

    ITW WIND GROUP provides solutions for OEMs, contractors and owners in the wind energy industry - specializing in Turbine Structural Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Repair Compounds, Protective Coatings, Sealants, Lubricants and Cleaners, Electrical Potting and Encapsulants, Epoxy Grouting, Chocking and Anchoring Systems, and Mold Releases.


    Composite Pipe Line Repair

    CRS CARBON-PLY COMPOSITE REPAIR SYSTEM - The CARBON-PLY Composite Repair System (CRS) is a non-metallic, monolithic, carbon fiber composite repair system for damaged or corroded pipelines in high and low risk pipe and pipe work applications. This patented system is designed to permanently repair non-leaking pipe (Type A Repair) with up to 80% external pipe wall loss due to damage or corrosion.





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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
FHW100M200 FHW100M200 Capacitor 100uF 200V 20% MINIATURE SNAP-IN 0 1.3500
207-120241-05-0108 ITW / FASTEX - 207-120241-05-0108 FASTEX 11-08001 Plastic Snap In Hole Plug -1,000 0.1800
S1054 ITW 18-000-0019 Slide Switches Flush Slide 10A 115V - 230V 25 3.6500
MLSS100-3-D MLSS100-3-D ITW Wire-To-Board Connector, 2.54 mm, 3 Contacts, Header, 1 Rows 0 0.6500
405K100CS4 ITW / PAKTRON 405K100CS4 Capacitor 4uF 100V 223 26.9900
475K100CS4 ITW PAKTRON 475K100CS4 Network Capacitor 4.7uF 100V 10% 0 39.9900
MFAS156-5 ITW MFAS156-5 Connector Pin Header 5 Position 3.96mm Right Angle Male 500 0.6100
MLAS100-4-D ITW MLAS100-4-D Unshrouded Connector Header 2.54mm Spacing 0 0.1500
104K250EMD0 ITW-PAKTRON 104K250EMD0 Film Capacitor 0.1uF 250V 10% Leaded 0 0.4000
H1059 ITW / FASTEX 5010-01-00-5002 Adhesive backed PVC Bumper 0 0.1400
3955-00-0017 3955-00-0017 ITW-FASTEX PLUNGER CAPTIVE PANEL LATCH; ROHS 0 0.0000
BAS21-ITT ITT BAS21 General purpose switching diodes 250V SOT-23 0 0.0400
MLSS100-20-C MLSS100-20-C PANCON / ITW Connector Locking Header, Straight , 20 POSITION, 1 ROW, 2.54MM 0 1.8200
MLSS100-9-C MLSS100-9-C Pancon Connector Header UNSHROUDED 9 POS 2.54MM SOLDER ST THRU-HOLE RoHS 0 0.8250
254-080845-00-0101 FASTEX 254-080845-00-0101 SNAP-IN FASTENER 65 0.6000
MFSS156-4-D MFSS156-4-D ITW PANCON Connector Unshrouded Header HDR 4 POS 3.96mm 217 0.1540
JSA4-4-G0 JSA4-4-GO ITW Jumper Switch, Slide, 4 way 2.54mm pitch 0 0.9900
CE100F26-4-D CE100F26-4-D ITW IDC Connector F 4 POS 2.54mm IDT RA Cable Mount Bag 0 0.2000
H1058 ITW / FASTEX 207-170201-00 Plasti-Plug Natural Nylon Hole Plug Truss Type 0 0.4900
35300601-1 ITW / SHAKEPROOF 35300601-1 Ramp Conical Washer Yellow Zinc Plate #6 1,512 1.0000
H1051 ITW / FASTEX H1051 207-120241-08-108 PLASTIC GROMMET 700 0.7000
207-080501-01 ITW / FASTEX 207-080501-01 Plasti-Plug 0.125 Plug 0 0.4900
1708-00-3835 1708-00-3835 ITW Fastex Push Pin .144-.154 0 0.0000
21045-6PK Devcon (21045-6PK) 5-Minute Epoxy Gel - 25 ml Dev-Tube, (Pack of 6) 0 0.0000
83316 ITW 83316 DYKEM Cross-Check Red Torque Seal - 1 oz 0 0.0000
CE156F22-2-D CE156F22-2-D Pancon IDC Connector 2 Position 0 0.0000
CE156F22-3-D CE156F22-3-D ITW Pancon IDC Connector 3 Position 0 0.0000
16-388051 16-388051 ITW Switch 10.1A 250VAC 28VDC Snap Action N.O./N.C. SPDT Plunger 0 0.0000
MFSS156-04-C MFSS156-04-C Pancon Connector Unshrouded Header 4 Position 0 0.0000
49-111 49-111 ITW Switches Pushbutton Switch 400mA 125V Spst-No 0 0.0000
050-040-435A 050-040-435A Pancon Header Connector, 40 Contacts 645 0.0000
MTSS156-2-D MTSS156-2-D ITW Pancon Connector Socket 2 Position 0 0.0000