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Coiltronics, A Division of Cooper Bussmann

Coiltronics logo
Coiltronics, A Division of Cooper Bussmann, offers a broad range of leading-edge power magnetics products primarily used in DC-DC and switchmode applications requiring high-frequency magnetics. Their innovative line includes surface mount power inductors/transformers, cold cathode fluorescent lamp inverter transformers, high-frequency buck/boost inductors, high-density SMT chip inductors, and low-cost powdered iron core toroidal inductors. The Coiltronics products offering is primarily used in DC-DC and switchmode applications requiring high-frequency magnetics.

Coiltronics brand magnetics is the first choice in power inductor and transformer solutions to the ever-changing Digital Home, Office and Mobile electronics world. In support of this market, Coiltronics specializes in inductors and transformers for DC-DC power conversion and switch-mode applications requiring high frequency. Coiltronics’ component solutions can be found in many products requiring power conversion including cellular telephones, digital cameras, MP3 players, notebook and desktop computers & peripherals & LCD displays across the Consumer, Communication, Computer, Industrial and Automotive markets.

Cooper Coiltronics brand product line of power magnetics continually expands to satisfy shifts in technology and related market needs.
Categories of Standard Products include:

  • Shielded Drum Inductors
  • Low Profile Shielded Drum Inductors
  • Unshielded Drum Inductors
  • High Current Inductors
  • Common-Mode Inductors
  • Toroidal Inductors
  • Transformers
  • Custom Magnetics

Inductor Series are available for the following:

  • High Current
  • Shielded Drum
  • Low-Profile Shielded Drum
  • Unshielded Drum Core
  • Toroid
  • Transformers and Common-Mode