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Cooper Bussmann – Passive Components

Cooper Bussmann
Bussmann Fuses / Cooper Bussmann, a division of Cooper Industries, is one of the world’s largest producers of circuit protection devices to protect electrical, electronic and automotive systems from circuit overload. The Bussmann Fuses / Cooper Bussmann provides the industry standard for circuit protection with over 41,000 fuse types, from large fuses for protecting the main supply in multi-story buildings and industrial complexes, to sophisticated fuses for printed circuit boards in electronic products. Through product development and a number of acquisitions Bussmann Fuses / Cooper Bussmann has become the market leader in fuse technology.

The Cooper Bussmann fuses play a major role in industrial or commercial facilities by providing reliable, maximum protection to power systems. Their physical size or rejection features prevent replacing a fuse with one from another fuse class. This helps ensure the correct replacement fuse is always installed and the voltage and interrupting ratings remain the same.

Cooper Bussmann is now Eaton. Acquired by Eaton 2012, the Bussmann Division leads in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety.

Eaton manufactures and markets a wide variety of North American and European-styled fuses for the electrical and electronics industries, plus inductors for electronic applications. Eaton also offers engineering, training and testing services focused on downtime reduction, workplace safety and code compliance.