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CoorsTek, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of technical ceramics, semiconductor tooling, plastic tubing, medical devices and other industrial products. CoorsTek’s headquarters and primary factories are located in Golden, Colorado, USA, near the foothills west of Denver.

CoorsTek is the world’s largest maker of engineered ceramics that are used for technology and manufacturing in areas including energy, transportation, information technology, health care and defense.

CoorsTek makes the world measurably better as the partner of choice for technology and manufacturing companies worldwide whose success requires the unique, high-performance properties of products manufactured from engineered ceramics and advanced materials. CoorsTek products and components touch people’s lives through amazing solutions to global challenges in energy, transportation, information technology, healthcare, and defense, among others.

Products and services

    99.8% alumina tubing, crucibles and thermocouple sheaths
    Analytical laboratories specializing in ceramic products
    Cera-Check beams for coordinate measuring machines
    Ceramic armor
    Ceramic powder preparation
    Cera-Slide paper-making tooling
    Coors USA laboratory wares
    Cyclone liners and wear-resistant tiles for effluent separation and mineral dressing
    Electronic substrates and ceramic dual in-line packages
    Exhaust port liners and other engine components
    Grinding media
    Kiln furniture, heat exchangers, refractories
    Metallized waveguides and stand-off insulators for electric power transmission and telecommunications
    Micro-filtration devices for medical applications
    Proppants for fracking
    Pump plungers and seal rings
    Valve plates for washerless faucets
    Wire-drawing capstans and dies
    Zirconia oxygen sensors