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Current Sense Resistors

current-sense-resistorsthe current in a circuit and translate the amount of current in that circuit into a voltage that can be easily measured and monitored. Such resistors have very low resistance values, typically less than 50 milliohms (0.050 ohms) and often lower.

Current sense resistors or shunts are low value parts used to convert current to a small, proportional voltage with the minimum of power loss. IBS Electronics has an extensive portfolio of current sense resistors with values extending below 1mO and rated at currents over 100A. For best accuracy these products should be connected by four connections, two for the current path and two for voltage sense, and four terminal types facilitate this.


Current-sense resistors, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are used to measure current in many automotive, power control, and industrial systems. When using very low value resistors (a few milliohms or less), the resistance of the solder becomes a substantial portion of the sense element resistance and adds significantly to the measurement error. High-accuracy applications often use 4-terminal resistors and Kelvin sensing to reduce this error, but these special-purpose resistors can be expensive. In addition, the size and design of the resistor pads play a crucial role in determining the sense accuracy when measuring large currents. This article describes an alternative approach that enables high-accuracy Kelvin sensing using a standard, low-cost, 2-pad sense resistor with a 4-pad layout. Figure 1 shows the test board used to characterize the errors caused by five different layouts.

We carry a series of current sensing resistor which characterized with miniaturization down to 01005 size, high power up to 3W, high precision, and low TCR. By developing the Metal technology including Metal Foil, Metal Strip, Welding ones and combining with the original thin film and thick film technology, current sense resistors manufacturers have developed a series of current sensing resistor which characterized with miniaturization, high precision, and low TCR. Furthermore, manufacturers offer a variety of processes which can cover a wide resistance range from 0.2mO to 10O, also can provide the most suitable resistance and rated power based on customer needs.

Current Sense Resistors: Typical applications include snubbers and current sensing in power supply and electric motor control such as electric welding, heaters, power steering and many more.


Current Sense Resistors are available at IBS Electronics from industry leading manufacturers. IBS Electronics is a distributor for many current sense resistor manufacturers including Bourns, IRC, KOA, Ohmite, Panasonic, Susumu, Yageo, Vishay & many more.

Current Sense Resistors Type

Thick film on ceramic is used for lower current ranges up to a few 10s of amps and offers very low temperature rise and compact, standard chip sizes. Metal element gives lower values, lower TCR and better surge performance. It can also be scaled up to large, off-PCB shunts.

•lo-ohm 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 5% tolerance thick film current sense resistor
•current sensing chip resistor
•high temperature current sense chip resistor
•chip type power shunt resistor
•chip type power shunt resistor
•surface mount molded current sense resistors
•surface mount molded current sense resistors
•metal plate chip type low resistance resistor
•metal plate current sense resistor
•metal plate current sense resistor
•metal plate chip type low resistance resistors
•high power, wide terminal type flat chip resistors
•four-terminal current sense resistor
•ceramic case surface mount resistor
•rectangular type metal plate resistors
•metal plate current sense resistors
•custom milliohm resistor
•current sensing power shunt
•current sensing power shunt