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Dearborn Wire and Cable

For over 35 years Dearborn Wire and Cable has been respected for its high standards of quality, excellent service levels, competitive pricing and a unique and innovative spirit. Dearborn designs and manufactures technologically advanced electronic data transmission cables for network, communications, computer interconnect, transportation, automation, sound and safety applications and fiber optic solutions; and complete voice and data wiring solutions, the DynaTraxTM automated electronic cross-connect switch, and other components required to build high performance telecommunications infrastructures.

From communications to instrumentation to wiring of engines, batteries, and bilge pumps, Dearborn has the wire you need. Dearborn manufactures their marine wiring to meet your most stringent requirements. Their tinned copper conductors are corrosion-resistant for extra flexiblity and longer service, and their products are insulated and jacketed with PVC rated for up to 105°C.

Dearborn offers an extensive line of Multi-Conductor Marine Wire with color-coded conductors for easy circuit identification. Many of Dearborn’s products are UL VW-1 retardant and UL Oil Res. 1 listed. Constructed for the most challenging environments, Dearborn Marine Wire is oil, chemical, solvent, and sea water resistant.