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DLP Design

DLP design
DLP Design focuses on easy-to-use tools for designing in USB. Products include USB adaptors, USB Security Dongles, development boards, USB-to-RS232 and USB-to-Serial (TTL Level) Cables, Modules and Adapters, Temperature Humidity Sensors, Microcontroller FLASH Programmers, Prototyping Boards, USB-to-RS232 Converter Modules, and RFID products.
DLP Design, Inc., a privately-held corporation based in Allen, Texas, has been in business since 2000. DLP Design’s goal is to provide hardware and software solutions that make it easy for engineers and hobbyists to interface to a host computer via USB. DLP Design’s products include USB adapters, USB security dongles, development and evaluation boards, temperature/humidity sensors and RF/RFID products.


  • DLP-ECON-BP E Ink Display Controller BoosterPack

    DLP-ECON-BP E Ink Display Controller BoosterPack

    Connections for both a TI LaunchPad and USB connection to a host PC.

  • DLP-RF430BP BoosterPack

    DLP-RF430BP BoosterPack

    Demonstrates the capabilities of the Texas Instruments RF430CL330H Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder.

  • DLP-7970ABP NFC/RFID Booster Pack

    DLP-7970ABP NFC/RFID Booster Pack

    Add-on board designed to fit TI’s MCU LaunchPads that incorporates DLP Design’s DLP-RFID2 RFID module.

  • DLP-IO14 USB-Based 14-Channel Data-Acquisition Module

    DLP-IO14 USB-Based 14-Channel Data-Acquisition Module

    For analyzing AC voltages, controlling & monitoring processes, & measuring DC voltages of 0-5V & ±5V.

  • High-Speed USB-FPGA Module

    High-Speed USB-FPGA Module

    Based on Xilinx Spartan™ 3A & FTDI’s FT2232H Dual-Channel High-Speed USB IC.



    Low-cost, compact prototyping tool for rapid proof of concept or use within educational environments.

  • Dual Channel High Speed USB Module

    Dual Channel High Speed USB Module

    USB-to-UART/FIFO interface module based on USB 2.0 high speed (480Mb/s) silicon.

  • High Speed USB Microcontroller Module

    High Speed USB Microcontroller Module

    Combines USB interface with TI microcontroller to form cost-effective rapid development tool.

  • DLP-IO20 Data Acquisition Module

    DLP-IO20 Data Acquisition Module

    Three outputs with relay / LED drivers plus 17 digital I/O.

  • DLP-USB1232H High-Speed USB Adapter

    DLP-USB1232H High-Speed USB Adapter

    Handles entire USB protocol on module with no USB-specific firmware required.