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FELLER Power Cords

FELLER was founded in Austria in 1863 as a textile mill. In 1948 Feller started to use thermoplastics and focusing on power-cords as we know them today.

Since then Feller continues expansion and internationalization of the company has happened.
Today Feller is established as a Global provider of power-cords with 4 manufacturing locations and 3 sales offices strategically placed around the Globe.

Operations in the USA started in 1984 with a sales office in New Jersey and expanding to distribution.
Meanwhile we are a manufacturer in North Carolina servicing North, Central, and South America.
From this location we are catering to the specific needs of our customers within the unique markets of each region through direct Sales and Local Partners.

Power Cords – North American Hospital Grade

  • Standards: UL817, CSA 22.2 No.49

  • NEMA plug types N5/15 & N5/20 with the characteristic “green dot”

  • Double insulated IEC320/C13 & C19 connectors

  • Colors: (other colors available on request

Part Number Current/ Voltage Plug Color Cordage Cordage Color Length Connector Style

6922 10A/125V black SJT,3x18AWG black 10′(3m) straight/ C13
7022 clear black
7029 clear black
7029-338 clear gray
7022-338 clear gray
7122 gray gray

6930 13A/125V black SJT,3x16AWG black 10′(3m) straight/ C13
7028-340-6-5001 clear gray
7030 clear black
7030-348 clear gray
7130 gray gray
7028-342-6-1001 clear gray

7131-340-6-6001 13A/125V gray SJT,3x16AWG 105C gray 8′(2.45m) right angle/C13

6941 15A/125V black SJT,3x16AWG black 10′(3m) straight/ C19
7341 20A/125V black black

69T2 10A/125V black SJT,3x14AWG black 10′(3m) 30/6mm jacket strip
70T2 clear SJT,3x12AWG black
71T2 gray SJT,3x12AWG gray

69T2-340 13A/125V black SJT,3x16AWG black 10′(3m) 30/6mm jacket strip
70T2-340 clear black
71T2-348 gray gray



  • Feller
  • PCE IEC309
  • Marinco
  • PCE - UL CEE
  • Plug Types




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