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Glenair – Passive Components

Glenair offers a full spectrum of connector products to meet every connector requirement possible. Glenair manufactures high reliability commercial connectors including fiber optics, conduit systems, composite enclosures, accessories and assembly tooling in addition to military grade connectors.

No where in the world, under one roof, does anyone manufacture and supply such a complete selection of commercial and military backshell connector accessories: from simple wire bundle strain reliefs, backshells, dummy stowage receptacles and protective covers, to advanced electromagnetic shielding and termination systems, extender backshells, pipe thread adapters, shorting caps, and cable sealing backshells.

Glenair produces literally hundreds of thousands of different designs to meet every application need including virtually every AS85049 MIL-Spec accessory ever documented. Glenair makes backshells for every connector manufacturer’s product, including Amphenol, Deutsch, Cannon, and others.



    Audio & Video Connectors
    Backplane Connectors
    Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors
    Circular Connectors
    D-Sub Connectors
    Fiber Optic Connectors
    Headers & Wire Housings
    Lighting Connectors
    MIL-Spec / MIL-Type
    Modular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors
    RF Interconnects
    USB Connectors


    Industrial Automation

Wire & Cable

    Cable Assemblies
    Coaxial Cables
    Fiber Optic
    Multi-Conductor Cables
    Wire & Cable Management


    Fiber Optics
    LED Lighting


    Standard Electrical

Passive Components

    EMI Filters / EMI Suppression

Test & Measurement

    Multimeters & Voltmeters




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Product List:

Part Number Product Name Qty Price (US$)  
660-024NF13R3-01 Glenair 660-024NF13R3-01 Circular MIL Spec Tools, Hardware & Accessories 0 258.9400
M83513/03-B14C M83513/03-B14C Glenair D-Sub MIL Spec Connectors MICRO D 0 0.0000
M83513/04-F11N M83513/04-F11N Glenair D-Sub Connector 37Pos 0 0.0000
380FS001M2420M6 380FS001M2420M6 Glenair Connector Accessory, Backshell, Aluminum Alloy 0 0.0000
799-016SME05N05 799-016SME05N05 Glenair EMI Backshell 0 0.0000
799-015SMH08N 799-015SMH08N Glenair D-Sub Backshell 0 0.0000
799-015TME05N 799-015TME05N Glenair Low Profile EMI Backshell 0 0.0000
799-016TME05N09 799-016TME05N09 Glenair Backshell 0 0.0000
GS85049/32-1-12 GS85049-32-1-12 Glenair Copper Connector Shielding 0 0.0000
GS85049/32-1-16 GS85049-32-1-16 Glenair MIL-DTL-24308 Backshell 0 0.0000
GS85049/32-1-8 GS85049-32-1-8 Backshell, Electrical Connector 0 0.0000
MWDM2L-21NSB-497 MWDM2L-21NSB-497 Glenair D-Sub Micro-D Connector 0 0.0000
MWDM2L-25PSB-497 MWDM2L-25PSB-497 Glenair D-Sub Micro-D Connector 17 0.0000
MWDM2L-69NSB-497 MWDM2L-69NSB-497 Glenair D-Sub Micro-D Connector 0 0.0000
MWDM2L-69TSB MWDM2L-69TSB Glenair D-Sub Micro-D Connector 0 0.0000
M83513/04-G03C M83513/04-G03C Glenair D-Sub MIL Spec Connectors MICRO D 0 0.0000
MWDM2L-100S-6E5-18B MWDM2L-100S-6E5-18.0B Glenair Micro D Cable Assembly 100P 0 0.0000
M83513/01-AC M83513/01-AC Glenair Micro-D Connector 9 Position 0 0.0000
M28840/11AA1G1 M28840/11AA1G1 Glenair Circular Connector 7 POS 0 0.0000
380AS014M2010A3 380AS014M2010A3 Glenair Circular Backshell 0 0.0000
799-016TME05M09 799-016TME05M09 Glenair EMI Backshell 0 0.0000
MWDM1L-31TSB MWDM1L-31TSB Glenair D-Sub Connector 31 Contact 0 0.0000
MWDM1L-75NSB MWDM1L-75NSB Glenair D-Sub Connector 75 Contact 0 0.0000
MWDM1L-37SSB MWDM1L-37SSB Glenair D-Sub Connector 37 Contact 0 0.0000
MWDM1L-9SSB MWDM1L-9SSB Glenair D-Sub Connector 9 Contact 0 0.0000
D38999/40WB35SC D38999/40WB35SC Glenair Circular Connector Receptacle 13 Position 0 0.0000
507-178M10012KEJ 507-178M10012KEJ Glenair D-Sub Backshells 0 0.0000
289T005ME6D-NSK 289T005ME6D-NSK Glenair D-Sub Backshell 0 0.0000
289T005ME1B-NSK 289T005ME1B-NSK Glenair D-Sub Backshells 0 0.0000
289T005ME3B-NSK 289T005ME3B-NSK Glenair D-Sub Backshells 0 0.0000
289T005ME4C-NSK 289T005ME4C-NSK Glenair D-Sub Backshell 0 0.0000
289T005ME4C 289T005ME4C Glenair D-Sub Backshell 0 0.0000
507-178M10009KEJ 507-178M10009KEJ Glenair EMI/RFI Micro-D Backshell 0 0.0000
280-019S6H104Z2N 280-019S6H104Z2N Glenair D-Sub Connector 0 0.0000
280-019S5H78MEK-429C 280-019S5H78MEK-429C Glenair D-Sub Connector 0 0.0000
289-0643ME 289-0643ME Glenair D-Sub Connector Backshells 0 0.0000
289-0641ME 289-0641ME Glenair D-Sub Connector Backshells 0 0.0000