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Golledge Electronics Frequency Control Products

Golledge logo
Golledge is the UK’s fastest-growing supplier of frequency products. Golledge’s continued success in a competitive marketplace is a tribute to their product quality and excellent service.

Golledge is a leading supplier of frequency control products to the worldwide electronics industry. Their comprehensive product range includes:

Quartz Crystals
RTC’s (real time clocks)
Crystal Filters
SAW (surface acoustic wave) Devices
Golledge’s products are used throughout the electronics industry including telecommunications, satellite, microprocessor, aerospace, automotive, instrumentation and medical applications.

The Golledge business team is one of the most experienced in the industry. Their knowledgeable engineers and sales team are dedicated to working closely with their customers from initial design through to full production.

Total commitment to quality is underlined by their registration to ISO-9001:2008, whilst the integrity of their products is ensured by their dedicated in-house test and measurement laboratory.

Golledge’s professional and efficient approach has made them a preferred vendor for many leading electronics OEMs and CEMs throughout the world.

The electronics and technology-related industries are developing rapidly. Golledge has the resources and flexibility to support the needs of their customers as technology advances and the business world evolves.