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The global Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures components and system solutions for electrical and optical transportation of data and energy. The company serves customers in the Communication, Transportation and Industrial markets with cables, connectors, cable systems, antennas and other passive components relying on its expertise in radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency technologies. The products stand out due to their exceptional quality, reliability and durability – even under harsh environmental conditions. HUBER+SUHNER maintains close relationships with its customers in more than 60 countries as the result of its global production network, own group companies and sales offices, as well as numerous distributors. The company captures promising markets with its ground-breaking developments.

Connectors and adaptors from the RF Interconnection Division and cable and cable assemblies from the Coaxial Cable Division are used throughout the world in wireless infrastructure, telecommunications and transmission lines for radio engineering and navigation, data and measuring technology applications and in many other fields. HUBER+SUHNER offers 20 distinct RF connector interface designs and coaxial cable assemblies operating up to 40 GHz.


DC Block
Interconnect Accessory
Between Series Adapter
In Series Adapter
RF Custom Cable Assembly
RF Test Cable Assembly
Miscellaneous Connector
RF Coaxial Board Mount Connector
RF Coaxial Cable Mount Connector
RF Coaxial Panel Mount Connector
Dust Cap
EMP/Lightning Protector
Interconnect Kit
RF Coaxial Cable
RF Coaxial Termination
Interconnect Tool
Multi-Coax Test Header Connector

Passive Devices    

Attenuator – Fixed Coaxial
RF Directional Coupler
N-Way Divider / Combiner
Voltage Suppression Gas Discharge Tube


Antenna Unit
Antenna Hardware/Accessory