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5537T156 Zinc-Pltd Steel End-Feed Fastener

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5537T156 Zinc-Pltd Steel End-Feed Fastener, for 45mm Aluminum T-Slotted Framing Extrusion

 5537T156 Zinc-Pltd Steel End-Feed Fastener



Here's a versatile solution to guided linear motion applications that don't require high precision. Note: View additional structural hardware and accessories.

Sleeve-Bearing CarriagesSuitable for washdown applications, these carriages have an anodized aluminum shell that's lined with an extra-tough UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene bearing pad; acetal bearing pad for metric sizes. The pads are self-lubricating and USDA approved. All of these carriages are designed for horizontal mounting. Maximum temperature is 180° F.

High-strength sleeve-bearing carriages have threaded inserts that secure the bearing pad lining to the outer shell. They're the choice for jobs with frequent starting and stopping. They're also good for pick and place, parts transfer, and other high-speed applications.

Track Roller CarriagesMade of aluminum with nylon rollers and permanently lubricated plain bronze bearings. You can use several of these carriages on a rail at once. Mount so wheels are positioned vertically. Two T-nut fasteners and two socket head cap screws are included. Maximum temperature is 150° F.

T-Slotted Guide RailsMade of anodized aluminum, rails can be easily cut to length and drilled for mounting.

Optional hand brakes mount on the carriages to hold them in place on the rail. Standard sleeve-bearing carriages have a mounting hole for the brakes. High-strength sleeve-bearing carriages require you to drill a mounting hole for the brake.

Optional end caps mount on the rails to prevent overtravel.

T-nut fasteners (sold separately) let you mount components to the carriages.

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