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FERROXCUBE 3019PA210-3C8 Ferrite Bead

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Ferroxcube 3019Pa210-3C8 Ferrite Magnetic/Cores

FERROXCUBE 3019PA210-3C8 Ferrite Bead


FERROXCUBE 3019PA210-3C8 Magnetic/Cores


Ferroxcube is a leading manufacturer of ferromagnetic materials and  electronic components  manufactured of these materials. The company bases on vast experience of Philips, out of which it originally derived. Presently, it is a member of Yageo Corporation capital group.
The assortment of Ferroxcube consists among other of:

  • ferrite cores with different shapes, usage and properties
  • inductive elements
  • accessories to dampen electromagnetic disturbances: ferrite beads and cups
  • RFID tags

Ferroxcube products are characterized by high level of miniaturization and considerable functionality.

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