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Ferroxcube - Ferroxcube 782E272-3C8 MAg EE 30 CORE Magnetic/Cores


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The core material should be a Magnetics P , F or N material or 3C85 or 3F3 material

Part Description TSC FERRITE AVX EPCOS Fair Rite Hitachi Magnetics TDK Ferroxcube
E Core EE10.2 10-06-05       EE10.2   EE10/11  
E Core   12-08-04   B66305     41208EC EE12.5  
E Core EE2829 13-06-03     94__019002   41203EC    
E Core EF12.6 13-06-04 E-1304A         EF12.6 E13/7/4
E Core   13-06-06     94__020002 EE12.7C 41205EC EE13 814E250
E Core EE16 16-07-05 E-1605A     EE16BS   EE16  
E Core EF16 16-08-05   B66307       EF16 E16/8/5
E Core   16-08-08              
E Core   19-07-05              
E Core E187 19-08-05 E-1905A B66379 94__016002 EE19.3 41808EC EE19/16 813E187
E Core   19-08-09     94__012002   41810EC   813E343
E Core EF 20 20-10-06 E-2006A B66311       EE20/20/5 E20/10/6
E Core E2425 25-10-06 E-2506B B66315 94__015002 EE25.4 42510EC EE25/19 812E250
E Core E(1/4x1/2) 25-10-13     94__014002   42520EC    
E Core   25-12-06              
E Core EF25 25-13-07 E-2507A B66317       EF25 E25/13/7
E Core   25-13-10              
E Core   25-16-06 E-2506C   94__034002   42515EC EE25.4/32/6.4 E25/16/6
E Core   25-16-13         42530EC    
E Core   28-11-11     94__017002   42810EC EE28/21/11  
E Core   28-12-09              
E Core   30-13-08              
E Core E30/11 30-13-11         43013EC EE30  
E Core E30.5 30-14-09 E-3008A     EE30.48 43009EC    
E Core E30/7 30-15-07 E-3007B B66319   EE3030.7 43007EC EE30/30/7 782E272
E Core   30-17-07              
E Core   30-21-11 E3011B         EE30/42/11  
E Core EF32 32-16-09   B66229       EF32 E32/16/9
E Core   33-14-13              
E Core E375 34-14-09 E-3509A B66370 94__375002 EE34.93 43515EC EE35/28 E34/14/9
E Core E(3/8X1/2) 34-14-13              
E Core EF35 35-18-13              
E Core   35-24-10         43524EC    
E Core   36-19-09              
E Core EE40 40-17-11         44011EC EE40  
E Core E(1/2X1/4) 41-16-06              
E Core E21 41-16-12 E-4113A B66381 94__500002 EE40.87 44317EC EE4133B E41/17/12
E Core E(1/2x1/2) 41-16-13              
E Core E42/15 42-21-15 E-4215A B66325   EE42/15   EE42/42/15 783E608
E Core E42/20 42-21-20 E-4220A B66329   EE42/20   EE42/42/20 783E772
E Core   42-33-20             E42/33/20
E Core   43-21-15 E-4215B   94__036002   44020EC EE42/15W 348E608
E Core   43-21-20 E-4220B       44022EC EE42/20W 348E772
E Core   43-21-22              
E Core   46-19-09              
E Core E625 47-21-16 E-4916A B66383 94__625002 EE47.12 44721EC EE47/39 E47/20/16
E Core   47-21-32              
E Core   49-23-11              
E Core E55/21 55-28-21 E-5521A B66335   EE54.86 45528EC EE55/55/21 E55/28/21
E Core E55/25 55-28-25 E-5525A B66344     45530EC   E55/28/25
E Core   55-28-31              
E Core   55-28-42              
E Core E75 56-24-19   B66385   EE56.57 45724EC EE57/47 E75
E Core   59-25-19              
E Core EE65 70-54-32       EE69.85      
E Core   71-33-20              
E Core   71-33-32 E-7032A B66371         E71/33/32
E Core   72-28-19         47228EC    
E Core   80-38-20 E-8020A B66375   EE80 48020EC   E80/38/20
Planar E 14mm 14-04-05              
Planar I 14mm 14-02-05              
Planar E 18mm 18-04-10              
Planar I 18mm 18-02-10              
Planar E 22mm 22-06-17              
Planar I 22mm 22-03-17              
Planar E 32mm 32-06-20              
Planar I 32mm 32-03-20              
EER EER28 29-14-11           EER28 ER28
EER EER28L 29-17-11 ER2811A         EER28L ER28L
ETD Core   20-10-08              
ETD Core   20-13-08              
ETD Core ETD29 29-00-00 ET2910A B66358 95__290002 ETD29   ETD29-Z ETD29
ETD Core ETD34 34-00-00 ET3411A B66361 95__340002 ETD34 43434EC ETD34-Z ETD34
ETD Core ETD39 39-00-00 ET3913A B66363 95__390002 ETD39 43939EC ETD39-Z ETD39
ETD Core ETD44 44-00-00 ET4415A B66365 95__440002 ETD44 44444EC ETD44-Z ETD44
ETD Core ETD49 49-00-00 ET4916A B66367 95__490002 ETD49 44949EC ETD49-Z ETD49
ETD Core ETD59 59-00-00              
EFD Core EFD15 15-08-05 EF1505A B66414     41515EC   EFD15
EFD Core EFD20 20-10-07 EF2007A B66417         EFD20
EFD Core EFD25 25-13-09 EF2509A B66421     42523EC   EFD25
EFD Core EFD30 30-15-09             EFD30
PQ Core PQ2016 20-16-00     66__77201621 PQ2016 42016PQ PQ2016Z-12 PQ2016
PQ Core PQ2020 20-20-00     66__77202021 PQ2020 42020PQ PQ2020Z-12 PQ2020
PQ Core PQ2620 26-20-00     66__77262021 PQ2620 42620PQ PQ2620Z-12 PQ2620
PQ Core PQ2625 26-25-00     66__77262521 PQ2625 42625PQ PQ2625Z-12 PQ2625
PQ Core PQ3220 32-20-00     66__77322021 PQ3220 43220PQ PQ3220Z-12 PQ3220
PQ Core PQ3230 32-30-00     66__77323021 PQ3230 43230PQ PQ3230Z-12 PQ3230
PQ Core PQ3535 35-35-00     66__77353521 PQ3535 43535PQ PQ3535Z-12 PQ3535
PQ Core PQ4040 40-40-00     66__77404021 PQ4040 44040PQ PQ4040Z-12  
U Core   39-19-10 GTV35X23X11   92__010002 FUR4022      
U Core   41-10-11              
U Core   41-21-11     92__010002   44119UC   1F31
U Core   41-22-11              
U Core   41-25-11     92__012002   44125UC    
U Core   41-30-11         44130UC    
U Core U64 64-40-24              
U Core   69-24-14 GTV70X32X16           1F19
U Core   81-13-16              
U Core   81-33-16              
U Core   81-42-16              
U Core   81-45-16              
U Core   102-25-25             I100/25/25
U Core   102-57-25 UI-102A   90__014002   49925UC UI101 U100/57/25
Pot Core 14x8 14-08-00 FP1408 B65541 56__140821 PS14-8A 41408PC P14/08 P14/8
Slab Core 14x8 Slab 14-09-08       PSC 14-8 S41408   PTS14/8
Pot Core 18x11 18-11-00 FP1811 B65651 56__181121 PS18-11 41811PC P18/11 P18/11
Slab Core 18x11 Slab 18-11-11             PTS18/11
Pot Core 22x13 22-13-00 FP2213 B65661 56__221321 PS22-13 42213PC P22/13 P22/13
Round Core 23x11 23-11-00     55__000921   R42311   PT2311
Slab Core 23x11 Slab 23-13-11     55__001021 PSC23-11 S42311 C23/11-52 PTS23/11
Round Core 23x18 23-18-00     55__000721   R42318   PT2318
Slab Core 23x18 Slab 23-13-18     55__000821 PSC23-18 S42318 C23/18-52 PTS23/18
Pot Core 26x16 26-16-00 FP2616 B65671 56__261621 PS26-16 42616PC P26x16 P26/16
Pot Core 30x19 30-19-00 FP3019 B65701 56__301021 PS30-19 43019PC P30x19 P30/19
Pot Core 36x22 36-22-00 FP3622 B65611 56__362221 PS36-22 43622PC P36/22 P36/22
EP Core EP7 09-04-06   B65839 65__070721 EP7 40707EP EP7 EP7
EP Core EP10 12-05-08   B65841 65__101021 EP10 41010EP EP10 EP10
EP Core EP13 13-06-09   B65842 65__131321 EP13 41313EP EP13 EP13
EP Core EP17 18-08-11              
Toroid   10-05-03 T-0950A   59__000201   41003TC T4.75-9.52-3.18 266T125
Toroid   10-05-06       OR10-4-6H 41005TC    
Toroid   13-07-05 T-1270A B64290K44X830 59__000301   41407TC T7.14-12.7-4.77 768T188
Toroid   13-07-06 T-1270B         T7.14-12.7-6.35  
Toroid   13-08-03           T7.92-12.7-6.35  
Toroid   13-08-06 T-1270C   59__001101 OR12.7-6.35-7.9 41306TC   204T250
Toroid   16-09-05   B64290K45X830 59__005101   41605TC   331T185
Toroid   16-09-10              
Toroid   22-14-06 T-2210B B64290A0638X8 59__001801 OR22.1-6.35-13 42206TC T14-22-6.5 846T250
Toroid   22-14-07         42207TC    
Toroid   22-14-13 T-2210A   59__007601   42212TC   846T500
Toroid   25-16-08 T-2540A   59__001401   42507TC    
Toroid   29-19-08     59__001001   42908TC   502T300
Toroid   29-19-15     59__001201   42915TC    
Toroid   32-19-06     59__001601        
Toroid   32-19-11 T-3150A   59__001701        
Toroid   36-23-15 T-3600A B64290A67X830 59__002701   43615TC T23-36-15.1 500T600
Toroid   37-30-16              
Toroid   38-19-25         43825TC    
Toroid   40-24-16 T-4000A B64290A659X830       T40X16X24  
Toroid   49-34-16         44916TC    
Toroid   51-32-19           T50.8X19.1X31.8 400XT750


Ferroxcube is a leading manufacturer of ferromagnetic materials and  electronic components  manufactured of these materials. The company bases on vast experience of Philips, out of which it originally derived. Presently, it is a member of Yageo Corporation capital group.
The assortment of Ferroxcube consists among other of:

  • ferrite cores with different shapes, usage and properties
  • inductive elements
  • accessories to dampen electromagnetic disturbances: ferrite beads and cups
  • RFID tags

Ferroxcube products are characterized by high level of miniaturization and considerable functionality.

Additional Information

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