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MC68HC705P6CS 8-Bit Microcontroller with A-D Converter

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Motorola MC68HC705P6CS IC Microcontroller 8-Bit OTPROM HCMOS CDIP-28

MC68HC705P6CS 8-Bit Microcontroller with A-D Converter

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Motorola - Mot Mc68Hc705P6Cs 8-Bit Microcontroller with A-D Converter Dip IC HCMOS CDIP-28

Part Number = MC68HC705P6CS
Manufacturer Name = Motorola
Average Price = 37.52892
Description = 8-Bit Microcontroller with A-D Converter
Clock Frequency - Max. (Hz) = 4.2M
Clock Frequency - Min. (Hz) = 0
Min Instruction Length (bits) = 8
Max Instruction Length (bits) = 24
Memory Addressing Range = 8k
Number of Addressing Modes = 8
On-Chip RAM (Bytes) = 176
On-Chip ROM (bytes) = 4.5k
Number of Interrupt Lines = 1
No. of Non-Maskable Interrupts = 1
Number of Maskable Interrupts = 4
Number of I/O Lines = 21
No. of I/O Ports = 4
Vsup Nom.(V) Supply Voltage = 5
Status = Discontinued
Package = DIP
Pins = 28
Military = N
Technology = CMOS

There are several popular MCUs (Micro-Computer-Units) from Freescale on the market, which have their program

memory stored in a built-in EPROM (Erasable-Programmable-Read-Only-Memory) or OTP (One-Time-

Programmable) memory instead of the usual ROM (Read-Only-Memory). The difference between the EPROM

and OTP part, is that there is a window in the package on the EPROM version which makes it possible to erase

it under an UV-lamp for re-use. On the plastic OTP part, this window is missing, thus the EPROM array cannot be

erased. OTPs are normally packaged in plastic which ensures a low cost high volume product

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