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MICROMETALS T050-26 .500 Core ODX.300 ID .200TH MAG

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Micrometals - Micrometals T050-26 .500 Odx.300 Id .200Th Mag Magnetic/Cores

MICROMETALS T050-26 .500 Core ODX.300 ID .200TH MAG

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MICROMETALS T050-26 Cores .500 ODX.300 ID .200TH MAG The most popular material. It is a cost effective general purpose material that is useful in a wide variety of power conversion and line filter applications.

MS - 050 125 - 2


Physical Dimensions
OD Bare Core Nominal 12.70 mm 0.500 in
Coated Core (max) 13.46 mm 0.530 in
ID Bare Core Nominal 7.62 mm 0.300 in
Coated Core (max) 6.99 mm 0.275 in
Ht Bare Core Nominal 4.75 mm 0.187 in
Coated Core (max) 5.51 mm 0.217 in
Magnetic Dimensions
Ae Effective Magnetic Cross Section 0.114 cm2
Le Effective Magnetic Path Length 3.12 cm 
Ve Effective Core Volume 0.356 cm3
WA Minimum Effective Window Area 0.383 cm2
SA Surface Area 6.67 cm2
MLT Mean Length Per Turn 2.10 cm 
PermeabilityPart Numbers
AL Value
Silicon Iron
Nickle Iron
Optimized Alloy
14μ 6.4 MS-050014-2 MP-050014-2 FS-050014-2 HF-050014-2 OP-050014-2
26μ 12 MS-050026-2 MP-050026-2 FS-050026-2 HF-050026-2 OP-050026-2
40μ 18 MS-050040-2   FS-050040-2   OP-050040-2
60μ 27 MS-050060-2 MP-050060-2 FS-050060-2 HF-050060-2 OP-050060-2
75μ 34 MS-050075-2   FS-050075-2   OP-050075-2
90μ 40 MS-050090-2   FS-050090-2   OP-050090-2
125μ 56 MS-050125-2 MP-050125-6   HF-050125-2 OP-050125-2
147μ 67   MP-050147-2   HF-050147-2  
160μ 72   MP-050160-2   HF-050160-2  
173μ 79   MP-050173-2      
205μ 93   MP-050205-2      
Approx Unit Weight: 2.1 g 2.7 g 2.4 g 2.4 g 2.4 g

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