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PYRO 1394 DV Firewire Cardbus For Notebooks ELPYR1

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Quick Overview

Pyro 1394DV Cardbus for Notebooks ELPYR1 1394/FireWire is the external bus technology professional editors use to transfer Digital Video footage to computers in producing broadcast quality videos

PYRO 1394 DV Firewire Cardbus For Notebooks ELPYR1

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PYRO 1394DV For Notebooks

Turn your laptop into a FireWire-enabled post-production editing studio with a smoking fast PC card and excellent software The 1394/FireWire interface itself is like being strapped to a rocket sled compared to Parallel, Serial, USB, even SCSI connections Start from the 2 IEEE 1394 ports this Pyro card adds to your notebook, and daisy chain as many as 63 devices, enjoying data transfer rates up to 50MB per second Connect FireWire drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RWs, DVD & DVD-RAM drives, printers, scanners, camcorders & more Requires Win98SE/2000/Mac OS 9.0 or later Includes (1)6-pin & (1)4-pin 1394 port, plus 6-foot 4- to 4-pin cable, Video Studio 4 Basic & Photo Explorer 6.0---both for Windows

ADD Fire Wire and EDIT Digital Video On Your Notebook


Get all the speed that your Notebook was designed to deliver.

External devices such as Printer ports and USB move at a snails pace compared to IEEE1394.  1394/FireWire lets you connect up to 63 devices to your computer and operate at speeds up to 400 Mb/sec, that’s 50 MB of data per second!  


With the PYRO 1394 Card Bus you have the POWER to connect 1394 devices such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives, CD-RW, DVD and DVD Ram drives, printers, scanners, speakers, cameras, digital camcorders and get the MAXIMUM high speed bandwidth that your data intensive projects demand.


1394/FireWire is a truly Plug and Play technology, just plug in a device and it works.  No re-booting, no waiting.  Connect, Transfer data and disconnect.  It’s High Speed data and its hot pluggable. It’s time you Rev’d up your computer with the hottest external bus connection the personal computer has ever seen.


Connect two 1394 enabled computers and transfer data, back up files or create a 1394 network that operates at twice the speed of 100BT networks.  The PYRO 1394 Card Bus includes a sampler of UniBrain’s



  • Desktop publishing
  • Desktop Video
  • Daisy chain external CD, CD-RW and Hard drives
  • Storage backup
  • FireWire Networking



  • Win98 SE, Win2000, MAC OS 9.0 or later
  • Pentium II 333 MHz, AMD K6 or equal processor
  • G3 Notebook or later
  • Available 32 bit Card Bus slot



  • PYRO 1394 Card Bus
  • Connector Dongle w/ 2 1394 ports (1 - 6 pin /1 - 4 pin)
  • 4 pin x 4 pin 1394 cable (6 ft. long)
  • CD Containing:
    • Video Studio 4 Basic (Win98, Win98SE or Win2000)
    • Photo Explorer 6.0 (Win98, Win98SE or Win2000)
    • Camcorder drivers (Win98, Win98SE or Win2000)
    • HTML Link to Apple 1394 extensions
    • HTML Link to Apple’s iMovie application
    • FireNet 1394 TCP/IP Networking sampler
  • Hardware installation Guide

Additional Information

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