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Rifa / EVOX PME290MA4470MR30 Capacitor 0.0047uF 20% Radial

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Quick Overview

Evox Rifa, Capacitor PME290MA4470MR30 EMI suppressor classes X1 and Y2 metallized paper 0.0047uF 20% Radial

Rifa / EVOX PME290MA4470MR30 Capacitor 0.0047uF 20% Radial

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Rifa / EVOX PME290MA4470M PME290MA4470MR30 Capacitor 0.0047uF 20% Radial Through Hole

Features, Applications

Self-extinguishing encapsulation. The material is recognized according 94 V-0. Very precise positioning of leads in relation to the case giving efficient utilisation of PC board space. High dU/dt capability. Excellent self-healing properties. Ensures long life even when subjected to frequent overvoltages. Good resistance to ionisation due to impregnated dielectric. The capacitors meet the most stringent IEC humidity class, 56 days. The impregnated paper ensures excellent stability giving outstanding reliability properties,especially in applications having continuous operation.


For use in mains operated electronic equipment requiring safety components according to IEC 60065, edition 5, and/or national standards based on that document. Across-the-line, antenna-coupling and lineby-pass. The capacitor is also intended for use as interference suppressor in X1 and Y2 applications.

Multi-layer metallized paper. Encapsulated and impregnated in self-extinguishing material meeting the requirements UL 94V-0.

Rated voltage Capacitance range Capacitance tolerance Temperature range Climatic category IEC Approvals Dissipation factor tan Insulation resistance

l = standard +5/-0 mm option : short leads, tolerance +0/-1 mm (standard 6 mm, code R06) Other lead lengths on request

at 1 kHz 12000 M Measured at 500 VDC after s, +23°C Tabulated self-resonance frequencies f0 refer 5 mm lead length. Recommended voltage: 1000 VDC The 100% screening factory test is carried out at 2000 VAC, 50 Hz, 2 s and at 3000 VDC, 1 s. The voltage level is selected to meet the requirements in applicable equipment standards. All electrical characteristics are checked after the test.

Vibration IEC 60068-2-6, Test Fc 3 directions at 2 hour each m/s2 No visible damage No open or short circuit No visible damage, No open or short circuit Wetting time 1 s

Bump Solderability Active flammability Passive flammability

IEC 60068-2-29, Test Eb 4000 bumps 390 m/s2 IEC 60068-2-20, Test Ta Solder globule method EN 132400 IEC EN 132400 IEC 60068-2-3, Test Ca +40°C and ­ 95% R.H.

Certification Body D Fl VDE SEV IMQ UL CSA Specification EN 132400 CEI 1414 (250 VAC) C 22.2 No. 1 (250 VAC) C 22.2 No. 8 (250 VAC) Approval reference 53108 53108

RIFA article code Rated capacitance Rated voltage SH, for self healing Climatic category according to IEC 60068-1, appendix A Passive flammability class Approval marks Manufacturing code (year, month)

The article code for the standard part is given in the article table. For other options, see page 21.

Capacitors in standard design (lead length 30 mm) and with lead length 6 mm are packed bulk in a box with dimensions x 80 mm. Quantity/package as per article table. Reels with taped capacitors are packed in a box with dimension x 560 mm. The standard quantity/reel is for 360 mm reel. 500 mm reel is required, it must be specified when ordering and the quantity 2 x the given quantity.

Additional Information

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