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Kester / Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Kester Solder has been a worldwide supplier of soldering products since its inception in 1899.

Today, Kester Solder is a leading worldwide manufacturer of solders and related materials for the electronics manufacturing industry. Kester Inc. manufactures and supplies assembly materials to electronic assembly, semiconductor, and automotive industries in North America, Europe and Asia. The company offers traditional soldering chemicals, paste, wires, advanced materials for semiconductor packaging, and bars. Additionally, it provides liquid solder flux, tacky solder flux, preforms, washers, pellets, and flux-cored wires. The company was formerly known as Chicago Solder Company and changed its name to Kester Inc. in 1929. The company was founded in 1899 and is based in Itasca, Illinois. As of July 2006, Kester Inc. operates as a subsidiary of ITW – Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Products include:

  • Solder pastes
  • Liquid fluxes
  • Flux cored and solid wire
  • Solder preforms
  • Bar solder
  • PC fabrication chemicals
  • Residue removers and cleaners
  • Temporary solder masks and conductive inks

Kester products are known for their high quality and advanced technology. Kester’s QS-9000/ISO-9001 certification ensures customers of their dedication to quality.