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Potter and Brumfield

Potter and Brumfield Relays

Potter & Brumfield, a brand renowned for its reliability, specializes in solid state relays (SSRs) designed for industrial applications requiring silent, fast, and long-lasting electrical switching. Founded with a focus on innovation and quality, Potter & Brumfield has become synonymous with excellence in the relay industry. Their SSRs are ideal for applications in heating, power, lighting, and motion control.

The solid state relays from Potter & Brumfield are engineered for rapid and high-frequency switching cycles, with virtually no limit on the number of operations. These SSRs boast a longer electrical life due to the absence of moving parts, making them highly durable and efficient. The SSRMP mini-puck series enhances the product line by adding a panel mount option, catering to diverse customer needs. With load ratings of 10/16/25 AMP at 240/480VAC, these relays support high-speed switching and prevent external signal interference.

The compact design of Potter & Brumfield's SSRs offers space-saving benefits, and the quick connect terminals facilitate easy installation. Additionally, the standardized input side (4-32VDC) across all output ranges simplifies part selection based on input voltage conditions. These features make Potter & Brumfield SSRs a preferred choice for industrial applications demanding reliable, high-performance switching solutions.

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Brumfield T85N11D-114-12

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