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AB Connectors

ab connectors
AB Connectors is one of the leading innovative connector and interconnects solution manufacturers in the world, providing high performance and harsh environment interconnects to the Military, Aerospace, Communications, Industrial and Transportation markets.

In 1993 TT electronics acquired the AB Electronics Group PLC and with it AB Connectors. TT electronics AB Connectors specializes in delivering highly complex electronic connectors and interconnection systems for Aerospace & Defense, Industrial and Rail applications.

TT electronics AB Connectors continues to invest in research and development of new materials and processes, surface treatments and the very latest manufacturing technology and techniques to ensure its products meet the most exacting standards encountered in such demanding harsh environments.

From plant layout to production line set-up and quick changeover processes, TT electronics AB Connectors offer the ideal service, with a flexible manufacturing environment and accredited facilities.

Global electronics TT Electronics specialises in delivering the highly complex, variable demand components, electronics assemblies and integrations that the traction industry requires.