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Anderson Power Products

anderson power products
Anderson Power Products (APP), is an international leader in high power interconnect solutions. Anderson Power Products is widely known for its high current, quick-disconnect power connectors, cable accessories and application tooling.

Anderson Power Products is a specialist in the design and manufacture of high power interconnect solutions. Anderson Power Products offers a variety of contact options: flat-wiping, pin & socket, hot pluggable, make-first / break-last and mixed power & signal connectors. The versatile Powerpole® and SB® connector series invented by Anderson Power Products meet a wide range of power connection needs. A variety of Powerpole® products can handle 15 amps up to 350 amps and accommodate wires from 20 gauge to 4/0 AWG.

Since 1877, Anderson Power Products has been providing high-quality solutions to professionals in the back-up power, telecom/datacom, and materials handling industries. With over 120 years of experience providing solutions for high-demand industries, you can be sure your projects will stand the test of time when you choose Anderson Power Products power connectors and tooling.