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Aorora / Amphenol Connectors

Amphenol AororaAorora provides wide range of fine pitch FFC/FPC connectors floating board-to-board and micro board-to-board connectors. With excellent manufacturing and engineering capabilities in micro-precision molding and high-speed stamping, Aorora provides premier product design and integrated engineering services based on customer requirements. Aorora strives for excellent product design and provides integrated engineering services for custom requirements. The early involvement in design enables us to provide customers with competitive advantage in new and enhanced product features. It also makes the manufacturing process more efficient.

Aorora offers a wide range of fine pitch FFC/FPC, Micro Board-to-Board, and Floating Board-to-Board solutions for a variety of applications where high density and robust performance is required. The Aorora product solutions meet strict standards to support growth in the automotive, industrial and IT datacom industry.

Amphenol Aorora is now part of the Amphenol Family. Amphenol ICC is extending our product portfolio of BTB/FFC/FPC connectors with the acquisition of Aorora Technology Co. Ltd. Based in Huizhou, China with 450 employees, Aorora, was founded in 2003 by Mr. Luo Liwen (CEO). Today they are a leading supplier to their local automotive and consumer markets.