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Applied Engineering Products – AEP

Applied Engineering Products – AEP manufactures a broad line of connectors and also supplies finished, tested, guaranteed cable assemblies. AEP’s standard connector product lines include SMA, SMB, SMC, SSMB, SSMC and 75 Ohm. Other products manufactured by AEP include adapters, cable terminations, BNC, N and TNC connectors and MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors.

AEP is one of the largest independent designers and manufacturers of the subminiature coaxial connectors and cable assemblies used in high reliability RF and microwave applications. Their products are sold primarily to manufacturers of military and avionics electronics equipment.

May 10, 2005, Radiall, a manufacturer of interconnection products for the defense, avionics, telecommunications, and automotive industries, today announced that it has acquired Applied Engineering Products, Inc. (AEP; New Haven, CT), a privately owned supplier of coaxial connectors for RF and ultra high frequencies.

On June 1 2009, Radiall AEP Inc and Radiall USA Inc were consolidated into one company Radiall USA, Inc.

Since 1973, AEP Connectors have specialized in high-performance and harsh environment interconnect solutions. Now a Radiall Corp. company, AEP continues to focus on quality standard and custom solutions for customers within commercial, industrial and military markets. AEP Connectors is headquartered in New Haven, CT. Below you will find a list of AEP product lines commonly requested along with a direct link to their website for additional information.

Applied Engineering Products Lines:

Cable Terminations
Micro RF Connectors (MMCX)
MIL-PRF-39012 Connectors
SMA High-Frequency Connector Applications
Microminiature Coaxial Connectors
Snap-On and Screw-On Mating Subminiature Connectors
Cable Assemblies