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Assmann WSW Components The qualified partner for manufacturing, procurement and marketing of cables – standard and custom -, connectors, industrial waterproof solutions and adapters. Founded in 1969 in Germany, Assmann WSW Components has grown into a world-wide operating specialist, with manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.

ASSMANN WSW components is well known as a worldwide system supplier for standard- and customer tailored connectors, cable harnesses, heat sinks and assemblies. ASSMANN WSW components is offering more than 41 years of experience within the electromechanical and heat sink markets. All products are available on an international base through a worldwide sales network. The ASSMANN group, an important shareholder of the ASSMANN WSW components group is supplying into the Computer & Network market.

Boxes, Enclosures, Racks
Cable Assemblies
Cables, Wires
Cables, Wires – Management
Computers, Office – Components, Accessories
Connectors, Interconnects
Fans, Thermal Management
Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories
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